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  • 4 new custom sampled instruments: Sunday Grand, Sunday Upright, Sunday Dulcimer, Sunday Strings
  • New Live Sequences and Live Grooves instrument categories added.
  • New Pianos: Balanced Grand, Crushed Grand, Reverse Grand, Smashed Grand, Sunday Grand, Verby Grand, Black Hole Upright, Dream Upright, Smashed Upright, Sunday Upright, Hybrid Dulcimer, Sunday Dulcimer, Worship Dulcimer
  • New Strings: Sunday Strings Cello Ens No Vib, Sunday Strings Cello Ens Vibrato, Sunday Strings Full Strings No Vib, Sunday Strings Full Strings Swell, Sunday Strings Full Strings Vibrato, Sunday Strings Viola Ens No Vib, Sunday Strings Viola Ens Vibrato, Sunday Strings Viola Swell Fast, Sunday Strings Viola Swell Slow, Sunday Strings Violin Ens No Vib, Sunday Strings Violin Ens Vibrato, Sunday Strings Violin Swell Fast, Sunday Strings Violin Swell Slow
  • All patches reworked to use new Sunday Instruments
  • TouchOSC files updated for 2021
  • Concert File and Patch Builder updated for 2021
  • Various layered patches added to SK for MainStage and SK for Ableton Live (specific layered patches vary between formats): Air Love; Anticipation; The Future is Back; Bubble Crush Synth; Cardinal Grand and Layers; Cold Played Piano; Cozy Keys; Djembe Band; Dream Bell Arp; Farmhouse Memories; Flying Free Finally; Future Hopes; Grand Mostly; Healing Hands; Hopeful Piano Layers; How Great Is Our Groove; Hyped Upright; Island Groove; Jubilate Groove; Karman Line Piano; Keytar Burst; Lilypad; Lost Reflections; Mighty and Worshipful; Mountain Top; Neon Highways; New Normals; Nice and Steady; Piano, Pad, Percussion; Road Trip Sound; Roll for Insight; Signal Fires Pulse; Simple Times Piano and Pad; Softly Busy; Solitary Mind; The Bands All Here; The Way; Triumph Flow; Whisper Piano; Wide Layered Upright.

November 11, 2020 Sunday Keys Update

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Sunday Keys 

The ready to use template designed to be the foundation of your worship  keys rig

Sunday Keys is the all in one, 'done for you' solution for worship keys players who want to make an impact on their worship team with amazing worship sounds, intuitive visuals, and powerful workflows and features for preparation and performance. 

Discover Sunday Keys

For MainStage

Discover Sunday Keys

For Ableton Live