Sunday Keys®
for MainStage

The Foundation of Your Worship Keys Rig

Sound Amazing with Sunday Keys.

Sunday Keys takes your worship keys rig to the next level, with amazing sounds, pre-programmed controls, and reliable results.

With Sunday Keys you can maximize and even go beyond what MainStage can do with over 450 ready to play worship patches, custom-sampled pianos and strings, a huge library of of amazing worship sounds, an easy to understand visual layout and game-changing features like the built-in Tonic Pad Player™, easy patch building and simple preset browsing.

No more wasted hours spent sifting through thousands of stock presets just to find a handful that actually make sense for worship music. No more headaches using intimidating layouts that overwhelm rather than empower you and your volunteers.

Sunday Keys makes it easy, so you can focus on the music.

Sunday Keys has saved my team and volunteers so much time and headache with the best worship keys sounds possible. I encourage you to pick up a copy of the template yourself.
Founder - Churchfront

Sunday Keys In Action

Ready to Play Worship Patches

Custom Pianos, Pads, and a Huge Library of Sounds

Design Your Own Sounds with Patch Builder

Fill the Room with the Tonic Pad Player

Innovative Features to Simplify Prep and Performance

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Amazing Sounds

You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

Monthly Updates

Stay Inspired with New Sounds!

Easy to Use

So You Can Focus on the Music!

Go beyond MainStage's limited sounds with custom instruments designed for worship music. Sunday Keys includes seven unique sampled pianos so you’ll always have the perfect piano for any moment. You’ll also discover a wide range of incredible new synth presets intricately sampled from vintage and high end synthesizers that push far beyond the factory library included in MainStage.
When you purchase a Sunday Keys license you'll immediately receive everything Sunday Keys has to offer, then each month you'll receive an update to the Sunday Keys library making it even more powerful for as long as you keep your license active. You'll love getting new, inspiring sounds to try on a regular basis.
Whether you're brand new to worship keys software or an experienced user you'll find the features in Sunday Keys are easy to understand, powerful on stage, and flexible to suit your needs and preferences. Use Sunday Keys as a 'done for you' resource or a jumping off point for your own exploration, the choice is yours! 
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Used by Churches Around the World!

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Sunday Keys is a game-changer, I absolutely love it!
I’m always telling keys players they need to use it. It will make their lives so much easier.

Kevin, Keys Player for Martin Smith
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Sunday Sounds provides me with the rich sounds and tools I need for church. I highly recommend the template.

Isaac, Lutheran Church of Hope
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Sunday Keys is hands down the best there is. Not only that, their customer service is super quick to respond to any requests. I couldn't be happier with my experience.

James, Ridgepoint Church
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As a worship leader I want our keys players to have the best possible keys sounds, but also need our keys rig to be reliable and cost effective. Sunday Keys helped our team reach those goals quickly and easily and it sounds amazing! I highly recommend it.

Jimmy, Hey Worship Leader
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This is the best keys software purchase I’ve ever made. It’s now the only template I use. Intuitive and user friendly, great sounds and easy to tweak. 10/10 recommend!

Suzi, Oral Roberts University Instructor
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I sound much better on piano than I actually am because of Sunday Keys! Sunday Keys really shines in a livestream - it sounds true straight to the board.

John, Ankeny First United Methodist Church
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Sunday Keys provides an amazing selection of sounds and an interface that is simple to use for all our keys players. It's the best purchase I've made for our team.

Seth, Vida Abundante Church
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Sunday Keys does everything I need! I love to start with the layered patches and go from there!

Adam, The Journey Church in Westminster, CO
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Our pastor will say "play this song" and [with Sunday Keys] I can make a patch really quickly to fit the criteria!

Aaron, Elkins Family Worship Center
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I really like being able to adjust sounds on the fly! It's amazing! It used to take 4 or 5 musicians to do what I'm doing, with Sunday Keys I'm able to do all of that myself.

Gus, West Coast Life Church
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Sunday Keys has taken our worship experience to the next level. The quality of sounds at your fingertips has made it so easy to play a multitude of styles!

Eric, Highest Praise Fellowship

Discover the Foundation of Your Worship Keys Rig.

“Best of 2020”- Worship Leader Magazine

The Sunday Keys Template

Standard License

New sounds every month! Renews annually.


Everything you need for worship keys!

The leading MainStage template for worship

Powerful Features

Huge library of over 500+ Individual Sounds

Tonic Pad Player - powerful ambient pads

450+ Ready to Play Layered Patches

Easily Create Patches w/ Patch Builder™ 

Simple Set-up & Video Tutorials 

Also includes Sunday Keys App & Ableton Live formats

Get monthly updates and never lose access to Sounds you receive!*

14 day money-back guarantee

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Delivery Frequency
Ultimate License

New sounds every month! Renews annually.


Everything in Sunday Keys Standard + over $460 in additional value 

Song Patch Plus

Download fifteen Song Patches per year, 
valued at over $130, included in Ultimate!

New, Exclusive Content

Receive an Ultimate Exclusive Sound Library once per quarter. A yearly value equal to $180! Instant download of existing exclusives: Daylight StringsVocality, Roller Vibes

Get monthly updates and never lose access to Sounds you receive!*

14 day money-back guarantee

MainStage format also includes a selection of expansion Sound Libraries at no extra cost,
over $150 in one-time value. 

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Delivery Frequency
Each Sunday Keys License includes access to the stand-alone iPad/Mac App, MainStage, and Ableton Live formats. 
Available content, features, and experience varies between software formats, with details available on each format's page.

*Your license includes one year of Sound Library updates and auto-renews by default. 
You'll never lose access to Sounds you receive in MainStage format during your license year, even if you don't renew your license.
Turn off auto-renew anytime within your User Account.  If you choose not to renew your license you'll no longer receive SK Sound Library updates, Ultimate tier benefits, or other features exclusive to those with an active Sunday Keys License after your license year ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in Sunday Keys?

Sunday Keys is the foundation of your worship keys rig and makes it easy to sound amazing by combining an incredible sound library with intuitive templates and workflows for your software.
Find Just the Right Sound, Fast with Intuitive Preset Browsing

Quickly sort and filter the massive list of hundreds of different go-to keys sounds by instrument type and common descriptors like bright, shimmery, ambient, etc. We’ve made it easy for you or your keys volunteers to find the perfect sound.

Build the Exact Sounds You Need, with Patch Builder

Patch Builder in Sunday Keys lets you create a custom layered worship patch by quickly combining any of the hundreds of individual sounds available in Sunday Keys. Whether you’re trying to nail a specific song or assemble a go-to patch that can cover your entire setlist, building the perfect sound will take a few minutes instead of a few hours, all because of Patch Builder.

Nail Every Transition, with the Tonic Pad Player

Tonic plays the perfect ambient drone pad in the key of your choice at the touch of a button. The Tonic Pad Player includes controls for shaping the tone and character of the twelve selectable pad presets so you can glue together your live band and nail any transition between keys or songs.

New Sounds Added Each Month

All active Sunday Keys License holders receive ongoing updates to Sunday Keys' core sound library on the first Tuesday of every month. 

Each update includes brand new, exclusive worship Sounds and Patches for use in Sunday Keys. All you have to do to receive these updates is keep your license active. 

We’ve Made MainStage Simple to Set-up

Sunday Keys features an easy installer and high quality video tutorials to walk you through everything you need to know to get playing with Sunday Keys in minutes! You’ll also have access to more advanced tutorials when you are ready to take your keys skills to the next level.

What kind of computer and gear will I need?

MainStage Format: You’ll need a Mac computer running Big Sur OS or newer with at least MainStage 3.5 installed. 8 GB RAM is required and 20 GB of hard drive space is required during installation. Final install size is 15GB. 

Each Sunday Keys software format has different requirements. If you're interested in using Sunday Keys in its other formats you can view the requirements for the Sunday Keys Standalone App and Ableton Live format.

If your keyboard or controller can send midi data you can use it as a controller for Sunday Keys! Details on connecting your controller to Sunday Keys are included in the video documentation you’re given when you purchase Sunday Keys. 

Sunday Keys does NOT require any third party plugins or instruments. Everything you hear in the audio demos uses only the included custom sampled sounds along with 100% stock MainStage and Ableton Live plugins, effects, and processing.   

Have a plugin or instrument you love? You can easily add it to your Sunday Keys rig. Your download includes video documentation that will teach you how.

Sunday Keys comes pre-assigned to the Korg nanoKontrol2 midi controller and the TouchOSC smartphone/tablet app. While you can use any midi controller you’d like with Sunday Keys, the nanoKontrol2 and TouchOSC are both great ways to control Sunday Keys live.  

What If I'm not very tech savvy?

Thousands of ‘less than tech savvy’ users love Sunday Keys!

Setup starts with an ultra simple installation process that takes just a few minutes. At the end of installation you’ll be taken to a page of easy video tutorials that walk you through opening Sunday Keys for the first time, connecting your keyboard and computer audio, and everything else you’ll ever need to know to get the results you’re looking for.

If you can’t solve a problem on your own our customer support team will be standing by to assist you with dedicated email support.   

What does "Monthly Updates" mean?

We believe Sunday Keys is the best solution for modern worship keys players and we're focused on continuing to make it an even more valuable resource.

To that end we focus most of our energy on making Sunday Keys better by releasing an update to Sunday Keys' core sound library every single month rather than constantly trying to produce and sell expansion packs at an additional cost to you.   

This allows us to constantly push Sunday Keys to new levels of quality and delivers you a steady stream of inspiring new sounds and features to add to your keys rig.  

You'll be able to view and download all available updates as they are released via your User Account here on our website. Each update will include new Sounds for you to enjoy.  

You'll continue to receive these updates for as long as your Sunday Keys license remains active.

You'll never lose access to what you receive during your license year, even if you don't renew your license. Turn off auto-renew anytime within your User Account. 

If you choose not to renew your license you'll no longer receive SK Sound Library updates or features exclusive to those with an active Sunday Keys License after your license year ends. 

So this is a subscription? What if I don't renew?

You'll never lose access to what you receive during your license year, even if you don't renew your license. 

This is not like Netflix, you don't need to maintain a subscription to use what you've received. 

Think of it like a magazine where you'd receive a new issue in the mail each month. If you chose to cancel that magazine delivery of course you'd get to keep all the issues you'd already received. That's true with Sunday Keys as well! You'll receive a new update to Sunday Keys each month, for as long as you keep your license active and that content will always be yours to access.

If you prefer a one time expense you can simply turn off auto-renew within your User Account. After your license year ends you'll no longer receive SK Sound Library updates, have access to additional self-service downloads of Sunday Keys files, or features exclusive to those with an active Sunday Keys License. Our team will continue to be available to help should you ever need access to files you previously received.

Should you ever purchase another Sunday Keys license at a future date you'll immediately receive all previous content that has been released in the mean-time!

What is "Song Patch Plus"?

Song Patch Plus is an exclusive benefit available only to Sunday Keys Ultimate license holders. 

 With Song Patch Plus, Sunday Keys Ultimate License holders will receive fifteen Song Patch Credits each year their license is active to redeem for any of the Song Specific Patches in our catalogue. 

 These credits can be used any time during your annual license period after which all unnused credits expire. Each year when your Ultimate license renews you'll receive a new balance of fifteen Song Patch Credits to enjoy for the next year. 

 Song Patch Plus is a no-brainer for those who use our Song Patches regularly! 

 *Note* Availabilty of Song Specific Patches varies between software formats. No particular Song availability is guaranteed. 

What if I purchase and then have a problem?

We stand by Sunday Keys, use it in our own churches, and give it to our own worship team volunteers to use.

That's why we offer a 100% no risk, money-back guarantee on all new Sunday Keys license purchases.

If you are not 100% satisfied with Sunday Keys after purchasing we’ll do everything we can to help you get the results you need. Our customer support team offers dedicated email support Monday thru Friday and is passionate about helping churches and worship ministries find success. 

If we’re not able to resolve the issue or if you decide Sunday Keys just isn’t for you we’ll give you a full refund of your initial license purchase anytime within the first 14 days after your purchase. All we ask is the chance to offer help first if you're struggling with a particular issue. 

Refunds are not available for license renewals.

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Take Control of Sunday Keys

The nanoKontrol2 is our Sunday Keys controller of choice.

That’s why we designed this color-coded skin that turns the nanoKontrol2 into the perfect companion to Sunday Keys.

Pull together the visuals of your rig and never grab the wrong fader or knob again with our high-quality nanoKontrol2 skin.