Digital Product End-User License Agreement

One User or One Device: 

 When you purchase a download of a digital product from Sunday Sounds you are issued a single, revocable license for the files that make up that product. This license can be used by either: 

 a) One person total, on multiple devices 


 b) Multiple people, on only one device total 

In essence, if you’re the only one who will use your subscription or product then you are free to install and utilize those files on any/all of your devices. If, however, you intend to allow multiple users to utilize your subscription or digital download product then you must only install on a single device that is then shared by those users. 

Sunday Keys Annual Licenses

When you purchase a Sunday Keys license you'll receive all the benefits associated with that license for as long as it is active. Sunday Keys licenses automatically renew on a yearly basis, unless you specifically turn off auto-renew after purchasing. 

 Benefits vary based on the selected license and may include sounds, features, credit or discounts for a product/product categories, early access to upcoming products, or other benefits as available. For specific information on what you can expect to receive during your license period refer to the FAQ section on the Product Page for your particular license. 

 When you purchase a Sunday Keys license your payment details will be stored securely. Your license will auto-renew on the renewal date using the payment details on file unless you choose to turn off auto-renew. You can turn off auto-renew at anytime from within the "My Purchases" area of your Account. When you do so you will not be charged at your renewal date and at that point your license will be considered expired. 

 You'll never lose access to files or software you've download to your device(s),even if you choose not to renew your license. 

 After a license has expired you will no longer be able to download any additional updates or product files associated with that particular license and will lose access to any other ongoing benefits associated with it. Any unused store credit, discounts, etc will also expire at that time. Should you need help with replacement files after a license has expired please contact us to request new files and we will be happy to assist you. 

 Should you purchase a new license in the future you will receive all the content available for that new license regardless of your previous purchase history. 

You can view your license renewal date, your order history, and view your payment details from within your Account, simply locate the appropriate subscription within "My Purchases" and click "Manage License". 

Acceptable Uses for Digital Products/Subscription Downloads: 

You can use our products for live or recorded musical performances including for profit performances or recording projects as long as the musical performances are reasonably intended for consumption by an audience either in-person, online, or through another digital medium. 

You may not use our products to create sound libraries, templates, patches, instruments, or any other similar purpose that are designed to be shared whether for profit or otherwise. You may not share any Sunday Sounds digital products, files, or subscriptions with any other person or organization, for any reason. 

In the same way, you may not share derivative work(s) such as templates, concerts, patches, instrument presets, samples, pads, or isolated audio recordings that were derived from your Sunday Sounds licensed subscriptions or products, no matter how heavily modified the resulting derivative work(s) may appear to be. 

In essence, if what you’ve come up with started with any Sunday Sounds subscription or digital products you may not share them. 

As an example, if you designed a patch using a piano preset from Sunday Sounds combined with a synth pad of your own creation, you would not be able to share the resulting patch unless you completely removed the piano preset before doing so. 

Any such distribution, whether for profit or otherwise, is a violation of this agreement and is prohibited. 

Revocable License: 

If and when an annual license is not renewed, you will retain access to your files as they were on the day your license expired, but will no longer have access to any ongoing downloads, updates, or any other benefits that are contingent upon an active license status. OmniSonic Media Group, LLC dba Sunday Sounds reserves the right to revoke any User's license to any product(s) or subscription(s) without notice and at our sole discretion when it is deemed said User has violated any term(s) contained within this License Agreement. 

This right also extends to removal from any social media channels, groups, or forums operated, administered, or hosted by OmniSonic Media Group, LLC dba Sunday Sounds for any reason, including but not limited to: not owning a specific product or subscription, behavior within or outside of any specific online channel deemed inappropriate or illegal by a member of the Sunday Sounds staff, or where a User having access to any specific Sunday Sounds platform is deemed to be a conflict of interest by a member of the Sunday Sounds staff. 

Release of Liability: 

OmniSonic Media Group, LLC dba Sunday Sounds will not be held responsible for any hardware or software issues that may result from the use of any product, subscription, or service provided by OmniSonic Media Group, LLC dba Sunday Sounds its officers, employees, or affiliates and no guarantee of safety is provided to the User under this license. 

Changes to this License: 

This License Agreement may be amended at any time and without notice where the changes would not substantially alter the meaning of the agreement. When any change(s) would substantially alter the meaning of some or all of the Agreement the most recent previous version of the License Agreement will apply to purchases made before the amendment.

Last updated on 04/10/2024