Ambient Mp3 Pads for Worship

Glue together the sound of your livestream or acoustic band with professionally designed, ultra-flexible ambient mp3 pads from Sunday Sounds. 

All our ambient pad libraries include all twelve major keys in high quality mp3 format, ready for easy playback from your DAW, MainStage, iTunes, or any smartphone. 

Warm Pads 

Warm, somewhat subdued, and subtle the '“Warm” pads library is a perfect introduction to ambient mp3 pads. These pads are designed to suit almost any song so they’re always a go-to choice and they’ll work especially well for worship ballads or any song that needs a very subtle bit of “glue”.
Warm Pads- Key of E
Warm Pads- Key of Bb
Warm Pads- Key of G

Bright Pads 

The “Bright” pads library features extra high end energy designed to fill in space that might be left vacant otherwise. The brightness of this library makes the pads perfect for upbeat and energetic arrangements without being unpleasantly harsh or overly present. 
Bright Pads- Key of C
Bright Pads- Key of E
Bright Pads- Key of G

Dark Pads 

This library features pads that border on brooding and that contain lots of lower end energy without being too boomy or overpowering. Perfect for adding tension to broken down, more reflective moments and songs that would benefit for a bit more presence in the low end. 
Dark Pads- Key of C
Dark Pads- Key of D
Dark Pads- Key of E
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