Three Ways to Mix:

Record multitrack audio

from your soundboard directly into Sunday Mix (or import existing multitrack recordings of your band), then use Sunday Mix for the mixing process in post production!

Record multitrack audio

Run live multitrack audio from your soundboard directly into Sunday Mix, apply processing to the audio channels in real-time, and output the mixed audio into your live stream video system!

Pre-programmed tracks

Use the pre-programmed tracks in Sunday Mix to record one or more members of your band. then use Sunday Mix to bring the full band together once everyone has been recorded!

Sunday Mix for Logic Pro X makes it easy to nail your live stream, broadcast, or band recording mix using Logic Pro X.

You can achieve all of this with just Sunday Mix & the stock Logic Pro plugins, no expensive third-party plugins required!

When you open Sunday Mix you’ll find fine-tuned tracks ready for drag and drop processing of your entire worship band. Tracks dialed in for vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums and more featuring kick and snare sample replacement, a built in Tonic Pad Player™ track along with 26 of the most popular keys patches from our flagship Sunday Keys® Template for quick and easy overdubs.

Sunday Mix includes a complete set of easy to understand video documentation that walks you through the entire process of creating an amazing worship band mix, even if you’ve never opened Logic Pro X before. Easy to use Smart Controls are included for all tracks to make it even easier for you to dial in the perfect mix.

Dialed-In Vocals

The vocals should be the powerful center of your worship band mix and Sunday Mix includes vocal processing chains designed to smooth out and sculpt your vocal tracks into just that. The template includes tracks pre-programmed for both male and female lead vocals along with additional tracks for backing and choir vocals. Easily adjust compression, reverb, delay, and de-essing via pre-programmed Smart Controls. 

Raw Lead Vocal Recording
Lead Vocal Processed Through Sunday Mix
Lead Vocal Processed w/ Full Band Mix

Powerful Mixes

Whether you’re mixing a simple acoustic session or a large worship band Sunday Mix includes pre-programmed tracks to make it easy to dial in your instruments for a cohesive and balanced mix. The template includes pre-programmed tracks for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keys, percussion, and more along with included Sunday Keys patches for quick overdubbing/enhancing and a ready to use Tonic Pad Player.

Raw Band Recording (unmixed)
Band Recording Processed Through Sunday Mix
Processed Mix + Percussion Loops and Tonic Pad

Punchy Drums

At the foundation of any good worship mix are the drums, but drums can be the most difficult instrument to dial in during the mixing process. Sunday Mix simplifies this process with dialed-in tracks for every piece of the kit, easy kick and snare sample enhancement/ replacement, and a sub-kick track. Worship Drummer presets for Logic Drummer and drag and drop percussion loops round out the rhythmic section.

Raw Drum Recording (unmixed)
Drums Processed- Kick + Snare Sample Replaced
Worship Drummer Presets Used w/ Band Mix

Perfect Your Worship Band Mix

with Sunday Mix for
Logic Pro X

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Sunday Mix Template

for Logic Pro X


Sunday Mix Includes:

Logic Pro X Template, ready for any band mix w/ no third party plugins required! 

Dialed in tracks for every instrument in your band

Smart controls for simple track adjustments

Pre-routed sub-mixes for quick and easy mixing

Sub-kick and snare replace features

Percussion loops and 'worship drummer' drum parts

Mix enhancing and mastering effects ready to go

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Sunday Mix for my live stream?

Yes! You can use Sunday Mix for low latency real-time processing of *AUDIO* tracks and then output the full band mix to your video switcher/streaming system with a few exceptions noted below.  

As a general rule, if it's real-time audio you can process it through Sunday Mix and output the mixdown to your streaming system.  

To ensure as little latency as possible, make sure you have a powerful computer capable of handling the audio processing with a low audio buffer size. The more RAM and faster processor the better.  

You'll also need to compensate for any latency introduced by the audio processing in Sunday Mix when you merge the audio w/ your video. This is a normal feature for all live stream broadcasting platforms like OBS, Switcherstudio, etc. Specific documentation on syncing audio and video is available from all the major streaming system platforms.  

Some features of Sunday Mix are designed specifically for post-production/working with pre-recorded audio and thus will not translate to a live-stream mixing context including:  

  • The Sunday Keys Overdubs, Tonic Pad, Worship Drummer, and Percussion Tracks.  
  • The sub-kick channel will work to enhance the sound of your kick drum in real time, but real time snare and kick sample replacement is not possible without a third party plugin like Trigger by Steven Slate Drums and add those tracks yourself. 

What is included in Sunday Mix?

Logic Pro X Project File, ready for any band mix w/ no third party plugins required.

Dialed-in Tracks for every instrument in your band including vocals, drums, bass, guitars, keys, tracks, percussion, overdubs, and more!

Pre-programmed Smart Controls on every individual track for simple track adjustments.  

All tracks pre-routed to sub-mixes for quick and easy mixing.   

Built-in sub-kick and kick and snare replacement features to make it easier to dial in the perfect drum mix.  

26 of the most popular patches from Sunday Keys are pre-loaded into the Project file for quick overdubbing, layering, and enhancing. Patches include Pianos, EPs, Pads, Synth Bass, Modeled Electric Guitar and Bass, Bells, and more.  

Drag and drop percussion loops (shaker, tambourine) and pre-programmed "Worship Drummer" parts and kits for replacing or enhancing live drums.  

Tonic Pad Player to glue together your band and fill out transitions. 

Pre-programmed enhancing and mastering effects will bring together your mix effortlessly. 

We’ve Made It Simple to Mix Your Band in Logic Pro X  

Sunday Mix features a drag and drop installer and high quality video tutorials to walk you through everything you need to know to get mixing your band in Logic Pro X in minutes! You’ll also have access to more advanced tutorials when you are ready to take your mix skills to the next level.  

What are the System Requirements?

Required Logic Version: Logic 10.4.8 or higher. Logic 10.5 is supported. Users of Logic 10.4 may receive a "This Project was created using a newer version of Logic" message on startup, which can be disregarded.  

Recommended MacOS Version: Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur are supported.  

Sunday Mix is verified to work on both Intel and Apple Sillicon based Macs. Real-time performance is directly impacted by your computer's processor speed, RAM, etc. 

8 GB of RAM or higher is recommended.  

10 MB of hard drive space for installation.  

Sunday Mix does NOT require any third party plugins. Everything you hear in the demo videos and that you'll find in the download uses 100% stock Logic Pro X plugins used to achieve Sunday Mix's effects, programming, and processing. Any desired third party plugins can be easily integrated into Sunday Mix by the user.  

How do I install Sunday Mix?

Sunday Mix features a drag and drop installation process that takes seconds. After installation you'll be directed to video tutorials that walk you through opening the project, importing your audio, and getting started.  

What about your Money-Back Guarantee?

Sunday Mix comes with a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.  

All we ask is the chance to offer help if you're struggling with a particular issue or problem. If you are not 100% satisfied after reaching out to us for help we’ll give you a full refund of your purchase price, anytime within the first 14 days of your purchase.