We've all been there: 15 minutes into a Sunday morning band rehearsal and you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket. Your heart sinks as you reach down to pull out your phone..

You know it's your drummer. The dreaded "not going to be able to make it this AM" text.

Or maybe this is you: Your worship team is ready to go to the next level. You want to tighten up the sound of your band and add another layer of nuance. You'd really like to start playing to a click, but you don't have in-ear monitors so that doesn't seem like an option. The budget just isn't there to invest in an all-new in-ear monitor system.

I've been in both of these situations myself and it can be ROUGH!

The struggle is real working with volunteers and non-profit sized budgets.

That's why I created Worship Beats Vol 1.

Worship Beats Vol 1 for MainStage 3 gives you 15 fully customizable drum beats perfect for all styles of modern worship music within our intuitive Sunday Keys MainStage Template.

You can use the sounds in Worship Beats Vol 1 to supplement your live band, for those emergency situations where your drummer calls in sick, for stripped down acoustic sets, and even as a songwriting/rehearsal tool! If you don't have in-ear monitors but want to stay consistent on tempo, you can easily use these beats to lock your worship team in to the beat. Blend these beats in with your acoustic drums for a thicker sound that is right on tempo!


Since these beats are generated in real time WITHIN MAINSTAGE, you have full control over how they sit in the mix. Bring different pieces in or out on the fly, dial in the character of the beat in advance, and set ANY tempo at the patch level or even in the moment via tap tempo.

Each patch in Worship Beats Vol 1 is pre-mapped to our Sunday Keys MainStage Template which means you can play along with up to three full section sounds from Sunday Keys, our song specific patches, or any other MainStage patch within Sunday Keys.

Click here to check out the Worship Beats Vol 1 product page!

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