Hey friends of Sunday Sounds, I'm really excited to announce that enrollment for the "MainStage Mastery Course" is now live! This course was born out of all of the roadblocks and frustrations I ran into as a new MainStage user. I had a terrible time trying to achieve the level of control and quality of sounds that I had been told MainStage was capable of. Because I didn't understand MainStage's workflow, how to connect my midi and audio hardware, MainStage's audio structure, (or even simple things like where to save my files) I ended up frustrated and confused more often than not.

I almost gave up on MainStage back then because there was nowhere I could turn to that would help me build and gain knowledge from the ground up.

Thankfully I was eventually able to push through those struggles (over months and years of trial and error) and when I did I discovered the true powerhouse that MainStage is.

That's why I created the MainStage Mastery Course. I want to help you push through the growing pains and jump over many of the common frustrations I ran into, so that you can focus on harnessing the full potential of MainStage to express yourself through music with confidence and consistency.

In the MainStage Mastery Course You'll Learn:

  • How to connect and assign your midi and audio hardware
  • A simple, easy to apply MainStage workflow
  • How to create a custom layout that's ideal for your playing situation
  • The ins and outs of MainStage's built in sounds and how to easily tweak them
  • How to map features and FX in MainStage for on-the-fly control and flexibility
  • How to put together smart and efficient preset lists
  • and many more advanced features of MainStage like playing backing tracks, MainStage's midi and layering functions, and an introduction to MainStage's instrument and FX plugins

MainStage is so versatile there are near limitless ways to approach it so this course lays out what has worked for me, reliably, for over many years. I guarantee it will work for you too.

I hope to see you in the course!

Thanks to everyone who has supported Sunday Sounds and made this website a reality. It's through all of the relationships I've formed and all of the awesome questions and feedback I get from you Insiders that this course has been made possible.

Thank you,

David Owner/Sound Designer



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Worship Beats Vol 1 For MainStage 3- Sunday Keys Expansion Pack

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Sunday Keys is the all in one, 'done for you' solution for worship keys players who want to make an impact on their worship team with amazing worship sounds, intuitive visuals, and powerful workflows and features for preparation and performance. 

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