Plugin Hosting lets you load your favorite AUv3 (iPad & Mac) and Audio Unit (Mac only) instrument plugins into Sunday Keys Patches right alongside core Sunday Keys Sounds, unlocking a world of possibilities as you explore the ever-expanding AUv3 plugins available in the iPad and Mac App Store.


In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to get started, including:

  • How to use 3rd party plugins in the Sunday Keys App for iPad and Mac
  • My Top 5 AUv3 Plugins - Pianos, Inspiring Synths, and more!
  • Running Omnisphere and Keyscape in the Sunday Keys App for Mac
  • Using Snapshot transitions, Midi and Audio FX, Saving Presets, tons more!




Plugin Hosting is available to everyone with an active Sunday Keys License once you download App version 1.5.0 from the App Store.


Search for "Sunday Keys" in the App Store to manually update at anytime, we recommend making a new Cloud Backup in the App first. 

If you have App auto-updates on you'll receive this update sometime over the next several days, or update manually at anytime. 


Nelson Clark
Nelson Clark 21/04/2024

Sunday Keys is a very well designed app, hats off to the designers who programmed it!

We appreciate their hard work!

Christiaan 25/03/2024

Hi All. Are we going to see the ability to also load 3rd party effect plugins, for Audio and Midi soon?



Manger Throne Surprised Me - Keys Player reacts to Phil Wickham Christmas Song


Manger Throne - Song Specific Patch Is Now Available!

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