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Folks, Christmas has come early for me, Phil Wickham released a new Christmas worship single, Manger Throne.


When it dropped I forced myself to avoid listening to it for the first time, until I could get in front of the camera... It felt like trying to avoid hearing 'All I want for Christmas is you' - pretty much impossible!


Once I got setup for video I filmed my real-time, honest reaction to the tune. I thought I knew what to expect, but the song surprised me in a few ways.


In this real reaction video you'll get to see how I dissect the song from the keys perspective and:

  • how to layer sounds to fill orchestral space - this song gets huge!
  • how a single instrument can transforms your Patch to 'Christmas time'
  • simple programming to keep your sounds from getting out of control, or too muddy (and we know Christmas songs have a lot of layering!)







Glenn 28/11/2023

Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed seeing your building process.

I had an 80’s flashback and got a SHORT glimpse of “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby and the Range just after 16 minutes in (about 16:03 – 16:10). Thanks for the memory! Yes, I’m old.

Pete Hayes
Pete Hayes 22/11/2023

Thanks David. Nice job covering the basics, to the tweaks. For me, it was super special to get your take on things like the dry piano needed come through (with very little pads) on the front. And the tweaks to made to the sounds for mod wheel, and decay. And frankly, not over complicating how many snapshots were needed. You’re the best.

Mj Evenson
Mj Evenson 22/11/2023

A great tutorial on building a patch. On an aside, what is the brand of iPad stand you are using in this video. Thanks



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