We just launched support for select Song Specific Patches in the Sunday Keys App, a feature we know you've been waiting for!


To get started with Song Patches update to App Version 1.4 in the iPad and Mac App Stores. Simply search for "Sunday Keys" and select "Update".


Once the App is updated, the Sound Downloads Manager will show you Song Patches based on your purchase history at SundaySounds.com.



After downloading a Song Patch, use the Patch Browser to add it to your Setlist just like any other Patch.



Over twenty popular Song Patches are now available in the App, with more on the way. 

Check out the current list here.


Today's App update also means you can now add up to fifteen Sounds to any Patch!



We can't wait to see what you create.


Note: More Sounds means higher CPU usage. Devices with M1 chips and newer won't skip a beat, but older devices may need to simplify Patches and optimize settings to avoid performance issues. Click here for tips on CPU optimizations you should consider if you need to.



If you haven't explored Sunday Keys yet, now's the time.


stanly 03/11/2023

Hi, thanks for the cool software! I recently downloaded the demo version and I’m trying it out. I’m all excited to buy the full version. I’m curious to know if I’ll be able to record my scores in the app, similar to MainStage or Logic?

Paul 29/10/2023

Hi Guys, do you have plans to release some Christmas type patches with that classic nostalgic and sparkly Christmas feel? I’m trying to mimic some classic songs, its hard to isolate all the instruments for a piano setup.

Rubén cinto
Rubén cinto 01/10/2023

I need specific patch Miel San Marcos Bienvenido Espíritu Santo, como en el cielo, de gloria en gloria (Marcos barrítentos), Dios en casa (miel San Marcos)

Bill Parrish
Bill Parrish 21/09/2023

You should maybe clarify that you need to create a “song specific patch” Setlist – and then add the previously purchased “song specific patches” to it (or to some setlist) in order to be able to use the previously purchased patches… I finally figured this out, but you can’t just immediately access these without doing that first.

I hadn’t created any setlists yet just fiddling around with the iPad app a little here and there…

Robert Ricchio
Robert Ricchio 20/09/2023

I have setup allot of my own song specific patches already before updating. Will these work with version 1.4?



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