Why do churches like Phil Wickham's songs so much?


Is he just that good?


Is it because his last name is easy to remember?


Is he an Ai robot songwriter designed with the sole purpose of cranking out service opening hits between the tempos of 99 and 103 BPM?


All of the above?


Jokes aside, churches really do love Phil's music.


We wanted to figure out why. So we put together this video breaking down some of what makes Phil Wickham... Phil Wickham.


Spoiler: we're pretty sure he's not a robot, but you be the judge after watching the video.



If you have an active Sunday Keys license, you can download the Setlist, and follow along with the exact same Patches! 


Click here to Download the full Setlist



San Diego
San Diego 05/10/2023

If he agrees to shoot a video with you be prepared to purchase platters of vegan organic food that he will demand to be ready but will never eat.

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