This new video is all about using a click track on your worship team, you'll learn how to introduce the idea of a click/metronome, some common pitfalls to avoid, especially if this is new to volunteers, how to use the metronome in the Sunday Keys App, both as you practice on your own, and as it's own separate output that you can send to everyone's in ear mix on Sundays, and lots more!


I think every church that has the means and opportunity, should figure out how to play to a click.  




Craig 25/04/2024

Before we played to a click, I resisted it. Now that we’ve done it for 11 years, we’d never go back to no click (for a band)!
We started (for maybe 2 years) with just the drummer on a click via an app (Tempo is good for Apple devices). But as the rest of the band wasn’t on the click, we could pull the drummer off. At least we started songs at the intended speed. We learned that emotions, endorphins, and performance anxiety can affect tempos without us knowing. So often we’d previously started too fast on verses, slowed down on choruses, sped up as we got louder, etc., sometimes with 10 bpm moves within a song!

Once we all moved to in-ear monitors, as you mention, everything locked in and we began to sound “pro”. Playing to a click didn’t end up reducing our creativity or limiting our humanness in expression. Rather, we became “tight”, honest, and predictable. Seriously, playing to a click was the single best thing our worship team ever did.

We have used click from Loop Community Prime, from Planning Center’s Music Stand (which is unreliable), from MainStage, and 90% of the time now through Studio One’s SHOW page.

Christiaan 22/04/2024

As soon as we started to understand “worship in excellence” we implemented the metronome, it took the music to another level and broaden our worship capabilities as a band. It gives the ability to push the boundaries of musical dynamics, and always be in time.
Would really love to see a 2/4 metronome option

Bill P
Bill P 17/04/2024

Yes… Started a year or so ago… new WL wants to use tracks which come with a click and cues, and sometimes other layers. I wear earphones, (and P16 to mix) playing keys – vocalists use iems and wireless monitor packs.

Mark J.
Mark J. 17/04/2024

Yes, we do use a metronome during worship.

Greg 17/04/2024

No we don’t



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