We’ve received too many requests for Omnisphere worship patches to count, with many looking to begin to unlock the power of Omni 2 within our flagship Sunday Keys templates for MainStage and Ableton Live.

Essence includes 20 "bread and butter" worship pad patches designed to suit the various pad styles found in modern worship music.

You’ll be able to use the presets in Essence in the DAW of your choice and Sunday Keys users will find our signature hands-on modifier control ready to go when using Essence within Sunday Keys.

Omnisphere is a truly amazing instrument and we’re so excited to offer these inspiring new worship presets for Omnisphere 2 users.

Essence is a collection of worship pads for Omnisphere. In this release, you'll find ambient pads, bright pads, shimmer pads, analog synth pads, and many more pads designed specifically with a modern worship sound in mind.

We hope that you'll check out this library! We would love to hear your feedback.
On behalf of the whole SS team, thanks in advance for the support!


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Sunday Keys 

The ready to use template designed to be the foundation of your worship  keys rig

Sunday Keys is the all in one, 'done for you' solution for worship keys players who want to make an impact on their worship team with amazing worship sounds, intuitive visuals, and powerful workflows and features for preparation and performance. 

Discover Sunday Keys

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Discover Sunday Keys

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