Sunday Keys for Ableton- Ableton Live Worship Keys Template

Sunday Keys for Ableton- Ableton Live Worship Keys Template

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Harness the power of Ableton Live as the center of your live worship keys rig and keep things simple, visual, and intuitive with Sunday Keys for Ableton



Sunday Keys for Ableton is designed around a single, simple concept: make it easy to sound amazing

Ableton has a long track record of delivering top-notch, reliable performance, but building your live keys rig in Ableton is confusing. Ableton simply isn't designed first and foremost with the live keys player in mind. Until now, that is.

Sunday Keys for Ableton harnesses the full power of Ableton Live and presents an easy to use, visual workflow that's ultra-simple. Everything is clearly labeled, color-coded, and fine-tuned to sound AWESOME with no sound design experience necessary. This template is designed to make your preparation easier and your live performances more musical and dynamic.

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Sunday Keys for Ableton is simply the best way to use Ableton Live for your keys sounds

Two years ago at Sunday Sounds we launched a MainStage Template called Sunday Keys, designed to make it easy for anyone to use MainStage as the center of their worship keys rig.

Since then Sunday Keys for MainStage has been used by thousands and thousands of churches and worship keys players around the world.

Now we're excited to take that same idea "make it easy for anyone" and apply it to Ableton Live.

Sunday Keys for Ableton Live manages to unlock the full potential of Ableton and stay totally volunteer-friendly at the same time.

If you've been looking for the next evolution of your worship keys rig, look no further: Sunday Keys for Ableton is for you.





With Sunday Keys you can plug in and start making music in minutes. Take control of your sound in preparation and during live performance with any midi controller including plug-and-play functionality with the Korg nanoKontrol2.



Sunday Keys for Ableton is designed for modern worship keys and features shimmering pads, powerful pianos, and cutting-edge synths. We've achieved this without the need for third party plugins. Sunday Keys for Ableton is compatible with Ableton 9/10, Intro, Standard or Suite!



It's easy to get started with Sunday Keys for Ableton, even if you've never used Ableton before. Your purchase includes a comprehensive video resource/tutorial page, access to a private Facebook group of Sunday Keys for Ableton users, and next-level customer support from the Sunday Sounds team if you have any questions along the way.

Choose the Version of Sunday Keys for Ableton That’s Right for You

Sunday Keys for Ableton
30-day guarantee

  • Ableton 9&10 Intro/Standard/Suite compatible
  • Over 50 worship presets
  • Tonic Pad Generator
  • Comprehensive Video Resource/Tutorial Page ($100 value)
  • Access SK for Ableton Facebook group

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Sunday Keys + Bundle!
Best Value!

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Sunday Keys + Prism
+ Omni Patches!

  • Everything in Sunday Keys for Ableton
  • PLUS Prism Vol 1
  • Prism includes 30 Omnisphere 2 presets
  • Ready to load into SK for Ableton
  • Instrument rack for Prism included
  • Omnisphere 2 is REQUIRED to use Prism

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Sunday Keys is also available for MainStage 3





You can control Sunday Keys from:

Plug and play with the optional Korg nanoKontrol2 

Any midi capable controller

Connect to your soundboard using the built in headphone jack on your computer or any audio interface


Sunday Keys makes it easy to prepare and perform. You can:

Design your setlist in advance as easy as copy/paste.

Take control of your sound in the moment by recalling any preset, at any time.

Use Ableton to run your tracks and keys parts simultaneously, automating presets, filter sweeps, and as much/little else as you'd like.


Sunday Keys for Ableton doesn't require any third party plugins and is compatible with Ableton 9&10, Intro, Standard, or Suite!

The sounds in Sunday Keys for Ableton have been designed in great detail to blend with each other in musical and inspiring ways.

Utilize the Tonic Pad Generator to glue together your live band, fill space when you're missing musicians, and for seamless transitions between songs/keys. 




    Ableton Live 9/10 Standard/Suite compatible .als (Ableton Live Set) file.

    This file contains the template, presets, and layout of Sunday Keys for Ableton. Getting started is as simple as double clicking on the file.

    Ableton Live 9/10 Intro compatible .als (Ableton Live Set) files.

    These files include Ableton Intro-friendly versions of all the main instruments in SK for Ableton and two Set files designed to make the most of Ableton Intro, working around the limitiations of Ableton Intro.

    Fifteen Layered Worship Presets

    These patches are designed specifically for modern worship and are a great fit for almost any modern praise and worship song. You can use these presets as is or use them as jumping off points for dialing in your own sound. (The Intro files include 14 Layered Worship Presets)

    Over 50 Total Worship Presets

    In addition to the 15 layered presets Sunday Keys for Ableton features over 50 individual sounds that you can combine in any combination to create new layered sounds. Both Standard/Suite and Intro versions of all of the presets are included. They sound 99% identical, with only small substitions made in the Intro-friendly versions.

    Tonic Pad Generator

    This amazing feature generates an ambient drone pad in the key of your choice with total control over the tone and character of the drone. Tonic is perfect for gluing together the sound of your live band and nailing transitions between songs/keys.

    Comprehensive Video Resources/Tutorials

    When you purchase Sunday Keys for Ableton you're given access to the Sunday Keys for Ableton Video Resource Page where you'll find comprehensive information on everything you need to know to use Sunday Keys for Ableton. These videos walk you through the setup process, lay a foundation for using the template live, and even walk through more advanced functions like running tracks and keys in Ableton at the same time, adding sounds of your own to the template, and more.

    You are welcome to share the SK for Ableton Video Resource Page with your worship team to help them get comfortable with how Sunday Keys works. The video trainings are a favorite feature among many Sunday Keys users!

    Access to the Sunday Keys for Ableton User Community

    When you purchase Sunday Keys for Ableton you join the community of Sunday Keys for Ableton users all around the world. After you install Sunday Keys you'll be invited to join the private SK for Ableton User Community on Facebook, where you can get ultra fast troubleshooting help, get inspired by other SK users, and where David and the Sunday Sounds team regularly post new tutorials about how to get the most out of Sunday Keys.


    Mac or Windows computer capable of running Ableton Live 9.7 or newer (Intro, Standard or Suite) OR Ableton Live 10.0 or newer (Intro, Standard or Suite).

    Sunday Keys for Ableton will NOT work in Ableton Live Lite.

    8 GB of RAM or higher is recommended

    15 MB hard drive space for installation

    The Ableton "Core Library" and "Grand Piano" library must be downloaded on your computer to use Sunday Keys for Ableton. Both are included in Live 9/10 Intro, Standard and Suite.

    Sunday Keys does not require any third party plugins or instruments. Everything you hear in the demo videos and that you'll find in the download uses 100% stock Ableton plugins, effects, and processing. You can use any third party plugins in Sunday Keys that you'd like to, as well. We explain how on the Video Resource Page that's included with your purchase.

    You can use any midi controller with Sunday Keys for Ableton. Plug and play functionality is available with the Korg nanoKontrol2. The full extent of compatibility with any midi controller is not guaranteed.

    Sunday Keys for Ableton takes seconds to download and install. After opening up Sunday Keys for Ableton for the first time you'll be directed to the Sunday Keys for Ableton Video Resource Page on our website where you'll find all the info you need to get started with the template. We've got you covered!
    Sunday Keys for Ableton comes with a 100% money back guarantee. We believe in this product and want you to be satisfied with your results.

    That's why if you are not 100% satisfied with Sunday Keys for Ableton we’ll give you a full refund, anytime within the first 30 days of your purchase. All we ask is the chance to offer help first if you're struggling with a particular issue. Otherwise just let us know within the first 30 days of your purchase if you're not satisfied and you'll receive a full refund in the amount of your original purchase price.



Sunday Keys nanoKontrol2 Skin
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