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Hey worship keys players, we have some very exciting news for you... We have released an electric piano sound library for Ableton Live; Worship E.Pianos for Ableton is now... live ;)

We had a lot of fun sampling electric pianos and putting together inspiring worship presets that sound great! Whether you need that smooth, buttery rhodes sound heard in tunes like "Forever Reign," or that classic wurli punch- you will find it in Worship E.Pianos for Ableton.

Take a listen to the demo video below for a quick playthrough of the different electric piano presets:


Precisely programmed Macro controls for each included Instrument Rack make it easy to dial in the perfect electric piano sound, no sound design experience or plugin-diving required.


All of the included Instrument Racks are 100% compatible with Ableton 9&10 Intro, Standard, or Suite and will integrate perfectly with the Sunday Keys for Ableton template.


Looking for more Ableton Live sound libraries? We recently released Worship Strings for Ableton and Worship Organs for Ableton.

These sound libraries are a huge value for worship keys players, so we bundled them together at a discounted price! You can check out our Worship E.Pianos, Strings, and Organs Three Pack Bundle by clicking this link.

Or... if you don't have Sunday Keys for Ableton yet, you can save even more with the Sunday Keys for Ableton + Three Pack Bundle by clicking this link.

Thank you for your interest in what we do here at Sunday Sounds! Because of your support, we are able to provide great worship keys resources for worship musicians around the world :)


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