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Worship Pads for Ableton Live: Vol 1  Ableton Worship Patches

Worship Pads for Ableton Live: Vol 1 Ableton Worship Patches

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Worship Pads for Ableton: Vol 1 was designed with a singular focus on crafting versatile, inspirational, and stage-ready worship pad patches for Ableton users.

This library includes one of a kind sampled recreations of sounds captured from the “Worship Pads” series of sound libraries for MainStage. Now access 25 of these amazing sounds in Ableton Live, no third party plugins required!

Inside this library you’ll find a cohesive palette of worship pads including:

Classic, warm worship pads

Cloudy, ambient pads perfect for quiet moments

Powerful, anthem-ready synth pads

and a wide variety of additional pad textures so you’ll never lack inspiration!

These Ableton Live worship pads can be opened in any set in Ableton Live 9 or 10, Intro, Standard and Suite. Every patch includes pre-programmed macros for intuitive control and can be loaded easily into our flagship Sunday Keys Template for Ableton where you'll be ready for your next live performance.

What's included in Worship Pads for Ableton: Vol 1

25 Ableton Worship Pad Instruments, all enclosed in instrument racks.

These presets can be used in any Ableton Set within Live 9 or 10, Intro, Standard, and Suite.

Installation instructions are also included in your download.

System requirements

Mac or Windows computer capable of running Ableton Live 9 or 10, Intro, Standard, or Suite.

8 GB of RAM or higher is recommended

300 MB hard drive space for installation

Audio Demos
Analog Bedding Pad
Analog Swell Pad
Brass Synth Pad
Bright Mixture Pad
Cloudy Decay Pad
Cloudy Swell Pad 1
Cloudy Swell Pad 2
Horn Swell Pad
Medium Noisy Pad
Mod Synth Pad
Morph to Bright Pad
Rich Mod Pad
Synth Pulse Pad
Warm & Moving Pad
Wide & Warm Pad 1
Fun Pluck Pad
Medium Bright Pad
Medium PW Pad
Morph Pluck Pad
Noise Swell Pad
Swelling Synths Pad
Warm & Organic Pad
Warm Decay Pad
Wide & Warm Pad 2

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