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Worship Beats Vol 4 for MainStage- Loops and Beats for Worship Music

Worship Beats Vol 4 for MainStage- Loops and Beats for Worship Music

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Many of you have been asking us for a new release in the Worship Beats for MainStage series for a long time and now Worship Beats Volume 4 is here!

This new entry includes 15 distinct kits/feels and a whopping 40 different patterns spread across those 15 kits! This means that you can find a kit/feel that you like and then compare from several different patches featuring that kit, each with different pattern options.

This is our most flexible and diverse Worship Beats library yet and is a must-have for those of you who need to add some percussion to your live-stream or at home worship sets.

The Worship Beats series for MainStage generates live, totally customizable worship loops in real-time in MainStage 3, with no pre-recorded phrases used. This means you have total control over the tempo, textures, and sounds present in the loop, both in preparation for your performance and on-the-fly from the stage.

With no third-party plugins or samples required, Worship Beats makes it easy to supplement your live drummer with auxiliary percussion and electronic drum sounds, or to handle all of the rhythm work from MainStage in acoustic or solo performance contexts.

In Worship Beats you can change tempos on the fly via tap tempo, transition seamlessly from one beat to the next, and smoothly fade beats in or out without cutting off your keyboard sounds.

Worship Beats is designed specifically for users of the Sunday Keys MainStage Template and is pre-mapped to Section 4 of SK’s modular sections. Whether you’re using the Korg nanoKontrol2, TouchOSC, or any other midi controller it’s totally intuitive to take hands-on control of these loops.

Audio Demos
Bloom Beat
Chill Congas
Elec Beat
Four More Boots
Lean Shuffle
Life Beat
Maker Beat
Mid Congas
Nu Gated Beat
Simple Kit
Slow 6/8
Taiko Beat
Up Congas
Verb Perc Beat
Verby Kit

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