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Mirrors: Volume 1  MainStage Worship Pads & Textures

Mirrors: Volume 1 MainStage Worship Pads & Textures

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Mirrors Vol 1 is a collection of pads and evolving textures (called “Swarms”) designed for worship keys players. Inside you’ll find inspiring MainStage worship pads with mirrored “Swarms” designed to move, shift, and evolve underneath pianos, synths, and pads.

Sunday Sounds’ sound designer Jacob Maloney broke new sound designing ground in developing this collection of MainStage worship patches and the results are truly inspiring. You’ll find these sounds are both immediately familiar and intuitive in their application and will push you into new creative explorations at the same time.

Mirrors Vol 1 includes one-of-a-kind samples, 25 worship presets ready to open in any MainStage concert or Logic Pro project, and MainStage patches pre-mapped to our flagship Sunday Keys MainStage Template where you'll gain easy hands-on control of useful sound-shaping controls.

This library fully supports Easy Transpose in the newest version of Sunday Keys for MainStage.

Audio Demos
Aurora Pad
Candescent Pad
Celestial Pad
Gleaming Pad
Glimmer Pad
Glisten Pad
Illuminate Pad
Luminance Pad
Morning Pad
Radiant Pad
Resonate Pad
Spacial Pad
Sparkle Pad
Starlight Pad
Wispy Pad
Blue Light Swarm
Cascade Swarm
Daybreak Swarm
Dazzling Swarm
Luminance Swarm
Moonlight Swarm
Reflections Swarm
Richochet Swarm
Sparkle Swarm
Weightless Swarm

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