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Live Mixer for Sunday Keys: MainStage

Live Mixer for Sunday Keys: MainStage

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Use MainStage to mix your live-stream or recorded worship service as it happens!

As churches all around the world try to figure out the best ways to bring their church congregations together virtually we've seen tons of people asking questions about the best ways to pull off living room, stripped down, acoustic style worship sets without having to buy tons of new gear or rip apart their church's sound systems to piece something together.

It's always been possible to use MainStage to process live audio but setting all of the processing up manually takes a good bit of time and programming knowledge.

That's why we created Live Mixer, an expansion pack for Sunday Keys for MainStage, to give you ready-to-use presets for processing live vocals, guitars, instruments, and any other audio source all from within Sunday Keys AND fully compatible with Patch Builder, Tonic, and all the other features that make Sunday Keys so powerful.

This means with just an audio interface and your Mac running Sunday Keys + the Live Mixer expansion you can mix your live vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, and keys sounds into a high-quality mix that's ready to line-out to a smartphone for instant live-streaming or to be recorded and then added into your worship service videos.

Seriously all you need is the stuff you already have + Live Mixer.

The Sunday Keys MainStage Template and an audio interface with one or more instrument/XLR inputs is required to use Live Mixer as intended.

Your download includes a simple drag and drop installer and eight different mixer patches for each section of Sunday Keys including:

Vocal Mixer
Acoustic Guitar Mixer
Electric Guitar Mixer
Two Vocals Mixer
Vocals + Acoustic
Vocals + Electric
General Input Mixer
Two General Input Mixer

All ready to be used alongside your Sunday Keys instruments. Combine the sections in Live Mixer to accommodate up to eight audio inputs (assuming your audio interface(s) can support the same number of inputs).

All patches are designed for CPU efficiency and to be as low-latency as possible. Make sure your computer meets our minimum recommend specs to ensure optimal performance.


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