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Alchemy Worship Pads: Vol 1  MainStage Worship Patches

Alchemy Worship Pads: Vol 1 MainStage Worship Patches

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Alchemy Worship Pads: Vol 1 for MainStage unlocks the power of MainStage’s newest and most powerful synth plugin Alchemy to give you new, rich worship pad textures.

This library includes 20 amazing worship pad patches designed from scratch in Alchemy to deliver sounds fine-tuned for modern worship that still sound fresh and new.

Inside this library you’ll find a cohesive palette of worship pads including:

Classic, warm worship pads

Cloudy, ambient pads perfect for quiet moments

Powerful, anthem-ready synth pads

and a wide variety of additional pad textures so you’ll never lack inspiration!

These MainStage 3 worship pads are pre-mapped for our flagship Sunday Keys MainStage Template where you’ll get hands on control of easy to use sound shaping modifiers for intuitive live performances and total integration with the Patch Builder feature in Sunday Keys.

This library fully supports Easy Transpose in the newest version of Sunday Keys for MainStage.

Audio Demos
Bath Pad
Bright Bell Pad
Bubbling Pad
Buzz Pad
Deep String Pad
Doorbell Pad
Energy Pad
Fortissimo Pad
Fuzzy Organ Pad
Gates Pad
Glistening Pad
Gurgling Pad
Heavenly Pad
Kinetic Pipe Pad
Noisy Pad
Oceanic Pad
Regal Pad
Sunrise Pad
Twinkling Pad
Warmest Pad

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