Sunday Keys Update History

Sunday Keys Update

March 7, 2023 - Sunday Keys Update

17 New Sounds

Misc Keys: Glass Bells, Glass Bowl | Keys, Music Box | Dry, Music Box | Muted, Music Box | Spacey, SK Celeste | Dry, SK Celeste | Muted

Pads: Cullet Pad, Felted Glass Soundbed, Glass Spirals Pad, Technicolour Glass | Pad, Wailing Glass | Pad, Water Into Wine Pad

Leads: Technicolour Glass | Lead, Wailing Glass | Mono Lead

Arps&Sequences: Glass Bowl | Sequence, Technicolour Glass | LH Arp

7 Layered Patches

(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Electric Thoughts: Tiney Roads, Music Box | Spacey, Wailing Glass | Mono Lead, Cello Ens Vib, Buzz Bass

Fresh Air: SK Felt Piano | Hall, Glass Spirals Pad, Technicolour Glass | Lead, Agressive Arp, Felted Glass Soundbed

Fully Known: SK Grand | Hall, Cullet Pad, Technicolour Glass | Lead, B3 Organ | Worship, Hard Attack Bass

Midnight Memories (C): Glass Bowl | Keys, Retro Bells, Cullet Pad, Water into Wine Pad, Glass Bowl | Sequence

Peaceful Prayer: SK Celeste | Muted, Music Box | Muted, Wailing Glass | Pad, Felted Glass Soundbed, Sub Bass

Waiting On a Train: SK-20 Piano 2 | Ballad, Glass Bowl | Keys, Wailing Glass | Pad, Cello Ens Vib, Synth Bass

Walking on Stars (C): Music Box | Spacey, Simple Worship Arp, Technicolour Glass | LH Arp, Glass Spirals Pad, Glass Bowl | Sequence

Sunday Keys Update

February 1, 2023 - Sunday Keys Update

14 New Sounds

Pianos: Everglow Upright | Clean Lofi, Everglow Upright | Clean Room, Everglow Upright | Radio Lofi, Everglow Upright | Tape Lofi, Everglow Upright | Tape Sat, Everglow Upright | Tape Trails

Pads: Not a Toy Pad, Rattling Pad

Ambience/FX: Fireside Ambience, Gentle Breeze Ambience, Oceanside Ambience, Subtle Rain Ambience, Tape Reel Ambience, Vinyl Ambience

7 Layered Patches

(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Burning Piano by the Ocean: Ballad Upright | Room, Wispy Violin | Dramatic, Fireside Ambience, Oceanside Ambience

Content in Every Remix: Everglow Upright | Tape Lofi, Chiptune Saw | Pad, Dial Up Soundbed, Gold Coin | Soundbed, Whiny Sine | Sub Bass

Dreamy Roaming Upright Rain: Everglow Upright | Tape Sat, Trombone | Slow Waves, Coastal Path Pad, Rattling Pad, Subtle Rain Ambience

Felt & Tape & Pad: Everglow Upright | Tape Trails, SK Felt Piano | Room, Half Dollar Pad, Tape Reel Ambience

Plucky Upright & Pad: Everglow Upright | Clean Room, Elberry Nights | Pad, Guitarmonics Pad

Prologue Upright Ambience: Everglow Upright | Radio Lofi, Gentle Breeze Ambience, Rattling Pad

Vince Upright Trio: Everglow Upright | Clean Lofi, Not a Toy Pad, Panther Bass, Vinyl Ambience

Sunday Keys Update

January 3, 2023 - Sunday Keys Update

16 New Sounds

Pianos: Digi Marimba

Pads: Breathy Calliope | Pad, Defrosting Pad, Forever New | Pad, Ice Pluck Pad, Nylon Digi Pad, Warm Digi Pad, Whistle Digi Pad

Leads: Breathy Calliope | Poly Lead, Breathy Calliope | Mono Lead, Forever New | Pluck Lead, Ice Pluck | Lead, Nylon Digi | Pluck Lead, Toy Box Pluck

Arps and Sequences: Forever New | Seq, Warm Digi | LH Arp

5 Layered Patches

(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Believe It Again: SK-20 Piano 3 | Eighties, Forever New | Pad, Warm Digi | Pad

Mountain Principles: Warm Digi | LH Arp, Ice Pluck | Pad, Toy Box Pluck, Whistle Digi Pad

Next Big Grand Thing: SK Grand | Hall, Forever New | Pad, Defrosting Pad, Analog Dream | Arp

To Be Young Again: Toy Piano | Clean, Toy Box Pluck, Toy Bell Lead, Whistle Digi Pad, Brass Destruction | Bass

Truly Upright (C): Ballad Upright | Comp, Nylon Digi | Pad, Forever New | Sequence