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Sunday Keys Update History

Sunday Keys Update

November 1, 2022 - Sunday Keys Update

24 New Sounds

Pads: Brass Carpet Pad, Brass Destruction | Pad, Brassed Organ Pad, Filthy Brass | Pad, Fizzy Brass | Pad, Orange Vinyl Pad, Tidal Brass Pad, VHS Brass | Pad

Leads: VHS Brass | Lead

Bass: Brass Destruction | Bass, Filthy Bass

Arps and Sequences: Fizzy Brass | Arp, Fizzy Brass | LH Arp

Strings and Orchestra: Trombone | Breathy Solo, Trombone | Cuivre Solo, Trombone | Fast Waves, Trombone | Longs Quartet, Trombone | Longs Solo, Trombone | Marcato Solo (no loop), Trombone | Octave Solo, Trombone | Overblown Solo, Trombone | Shorts Quartet, Trombone | Slow Waves, Trombone | Staccato Solo (no loop)

10 Layered Patches
(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Every Bon: SK Upright | Hall, SK-20 Piano 1 | Ballad, Trombone | Octave Solo, VHS Brass | Pad

Hall of Brass: Trombone | Breathy Solo, Trombone | Longs Quartet, Trombone | Slow Waves, Brassed Organ Pad

Hundred Billion Galaxies: Church Grand | Studio, Jericho Poly, Trombone | Overblown Solo, Trombone | Cuivre Solo, Unstable Stab | Arp

Noisy Roads and Textured Brass: Noisy Roads | Smooth, Brass Destruction | Pad, Fizzy Brass | LH Arp, Trombone | Marcato Solo

Movie Trailer Time (C): Filthy Bass , Brass Destruction | Pad, Fizzy Brass | Arp, Gloria Organ, Coastal Path Sequence

Event Horizons: Ballad Upright | Comp, Salem Organ, Organic Time Pad, Trombone | Longs Quartet, Filthy Bass

Dry Layered Brass: Trombone | Cuivre Solo, Trombone Longs Quartet, Trombone | Overblown Solo, JX Synth Horns

Family Piano Dynamics: Family Piano | Room, Trombone | Longs Quartet, Orange Vinyl Pad

Galactic Smelt: Fizzy Brass | Pad, Analog Dream | Arp, Joyous Arp | Blip, Tiney Roads

Long and Echoing: SK-20 E Piano 1 | Gospel, SK-20 Vibes | Ghostly, Tidal Brass Pad, Trombone | Longs Solo


Sunday Keys Update

October 4, 2022 - Sunday Keys Update

15 New Sounds

Misc Keys: Tile Guitar Strike | Clean, Tile Guitar Strike | Wet, Tile Guitar Strike | Crunchy
Pads: Free Vox | Pad, Half Dollar Pad, OP Pad, Organic Time Pad, Ringer Pad, Rose Glitch Pad
Leads: Half Dollar Lead | Mono, Half Dollar Lead | Poly, Lavender Ghosts, Rose Fields | Pluck
Arps and Sequences: Free Vox | Arp, Rose Fields | Sequence

5 Layered Patches
(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Behind the Glass: Family Piano | Lofi, Organic Time Pad, Ringer Pad, Rose Fields | Sequence, Lavender Ghosts

Hazy Lullaby (C): Free Vox | Pad, Lavender Ghosts, Operator Bass, Analog Dream | Seq

In the Clearing: Organic Time Pad, Whispy Violin | Flautando, Rose Fields | Pluck, Cheesecake Lead, OP Pad

Modern Luncheon: OP Pad, Rose Glitch Pad, Half Dollar Lead | Poly, Free Vox | Arp, Rose Fields | Pluck

Service Start: SK Grand | Soft, Half Dollar Pad, Ringer Pad, Unison Jupi Lead, Sub Bass

Sunday Keys Update

September 6, 2022 - Sunday Keys Update

26 New Sounds

Pads: Armonica Pad, Breathy 8bit | Pad, Chiptune Saw | Pad, Chiptune Square | Pad
Leads: 8bit Pluck, Arcade Pluck | Lead, Breathy 8bit | Lead, Chiptune Saw | Lead, Chiptune Square | Lead, Gold Coin | Stab, Metal Wub | Lead, Whiny Sine | Mono Lead
Bass: Arcade Pluck | Bass, Chiptune Square | Bass, Metal Wub | Bass, Whiny Sine | Sub Bass
Soundbeds: Soft Tines | Soundbed, Dial Up Soundbed, Gold Coin | Soundbed
Arps and Sequences: 8bit Harp | Mono Arp, 8bit Harp | Poly Arp, 8bit Harp | Seq, Chiptune Saw | Arp, Chiptune Square | Arp, Soft Tines | Arp, Soft Tines | Seq

5 Layered Patches
(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

B3 Blooms: B3 Organ | Rock, Chiptune Saw | Pad, Bloom Synth Pad, Tribute Bass | Sus

Bits and Bypes: SK-20 Piano 3 | Eighties, Breathy 8bit | Pad, Soft Tines | Arp, Chiptune Square | Lead, Metal Wub | Bass

Quiet Reflection: SK Upright | Room, String Ens Swell, Cloud of Angels Pad, Soft Tines | Soundbed

Swell Hold Out: Reso Brass Lead, 8bit Harp | Mono Arp, Chiptune Saw | Pad, Gold Coin | Soundbed

Through the Clouds: Custom Jet Guitar | Ambient, Feel Good Wave, Chiptune Square | Arp, Simple Worship Arp, Chiptune Square | Bass