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Sunday Keys Update History

Sunday Keys Update

May 4, 2022 - Sunday Keys Update

17 New Sounds
Pads: Juno Self Osc Pad,Juno Self Osc Pad | Fifth, J-60 Old Square Pad, Mouse House Pad 
Leads: Classic Lead | Mono, Classic Lead | Mono LFO, Classic Lead | Poly, Classic Lead | Arp, Mouse House Lead | Mono, Mouse House Lead | Poly, Radiant Pluck Lead, Wild Saw Lead | Mono, Wild Saw Lead | Poly
Bass: J-60 Old Square Bass, Mouse House Bass
Arps/Sequences: Classic Lead | Arp, J-60 Old Square Seq, Radiant Pluck Arp, Radiant Pluck Seq

5 Layered Patches
(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Starlight Piano: Church Grand | Hall, Juno Self Osc Pad, J-60 Old Square Pad, Radiant Pluck Lead, Ogre Bass |Sus

Brilliant Gospel (C): SK-20 Piano 2 | Ballad, SK-20 E Piano 1 | Gospel, Super String Pad, Radiant Pluck Seq

One Tine: Tiney Roads, Mouse House Pad, Classic Lead | Mono, Radiant Pluck Arp, Sub Bass

Every Circumstance Layers: SK Upright | Comp, Mouse House Pad, Classic Lead | Poly, B3 Organ | Gospel 2

Moon and the Stars: Wild Saw Lead | Mono, J-60 Old Square Seq, Radiant Pluck Seq, Classic Lead | Arp, Tribute Bass | Sus


Sunday Keys Update

April 5, 2022 - Sunday Keys Update

15 New Sounds
Pianos: Icy Beach Keys
Organs: Elberry Nights- Organ
Pads: Beach Hut Pad, Bottled Message Pad, Coastal Path Pad, Elberry Nights- Pad, Noir Horn Pad, Pesky Seagulls Pad, Sand Pad, Sea Waves Pad
Leads: Polluted Sea | Lead Pluck
Bass: Polluted Sea | Bass Arp, Polluted Sea | Bass Grime, Polluted Sea | Bass Pluck
Arps/Sequences: Coastal Path Sequence

5 Layered Patches
(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Depth of Blue: JX Trackpad | Lead, Cloud of Angles Pad, 1983 Pipes, Polluted Sea | Bass Grime, Simple Worship Arp

Eyes On the Ocean (C): SK Upright | Hall, Sea Waves Pad, Bottled Message Pad, Coastal Path Sequence

Pacific Calm: SK Felt Piano | Comp, J-60 One Two Pad, Pesky Seagulls Pad, Beach Hut Pad, Sub Bass

Stormy Seas: Flannel Piano | Fragile, J-60 One Two Pad, Polluted Sea | Bass Arp, Sand Pad

Water Washed: Noir Horn Pad, Icy Beach Keys, Polluted Sea | Lead Pluck, A Musing Bass, Merry Go Arp

Sunday Keys Update

March 1, 2022 - Sunday Keys Update

22 New Bass Sounds

Bass: A Musing Bass, A Musing Bass | Arp, Agro Bass | Arp, Agro Bass | Pluck, Agro Bass | Sus, Chiffy Bass | Pluck, Chiffy Bass | Sus, Deci Bass | Arp, Deci Bass | Sus, DK Bass, Fifty Bass, FM Raspy Bass | Pluck, FM Raspy Bass | Sus, Ogre Bass, Ogre Bass | Arp, Thrilling Bass | Arp, Thrilling Bass | Pluck, Thrilling Bass | Sus, Thrilling Bass | Swell, Tribute Bass | Arp, Tribute Bass | Sus, Warrior Bass

5 Layered Patches

(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Hillside Power: A Musing Bass, Fifty Bass, Brilliant Synth Bells, Flannel Piano | Fragile, Power Noise Pad

This Is Killer: Thrilling Synth Bass | Sus, JX Synth Horns, JX Trackpad | Reso, Operator Guitar

Early Math: FM Raspy Bass | Sus, Worship Guitar | Drive, Modern Roads, Mid83 Pad, Retro Bells Lead

Just a Place: Tribute Bass | Sus, SK Upright | Comp, Wispy Violin | Flautando, Guitarmonics Pad

Bass Space (C): Agro Bass | Arp, A Musing Bass | Arp, Deci Bass | Arp, Theory Seq, Flute Organ Lead