• Complete overhaul of Sunday Keys, both Ableton Live and MainStage formats
  • MainStage 3.5 or Ableton Live 10 now required software
  • Full reinstall required, both formats now available to all SK owners
  • New Feature: Brand new Tonic Pad Player with 12 selectable presets, adjustable fade time and more
  • New Feature: Built-in Easy Transpose functionality across all of Sunday Keys
  • 40 total layered patches included in Set file (Ableton Live)
  • 100+ new layered patches added to existing layered patch library. Existing layered patches completely rebuilt to include new and updated sounds and features. Total layered patch library now over 315+ patches  (MainStage)
  • Updated Feature: Patch Builder structure and browsing experience improved with new category flow. More detailed browsing and sorting for layered worship patches, MainStage version only 
  • Monthly sound library updates planned for subscribers starting in December, 2021
  • Ultimate tier now includes Song Patch Plus credits which can be redeemed for song specific patch downloads on demand during active subscription period
  • New Pianos: Piano library completely rebuilt and several entirely new piano sample libraries added including SK Grand, SK Upright, SK Felt Piano, and Church Grand. Additionally, all existing pianos re-voiced, updated, and renamed where applicable
  • New EPs and Digital Pianos: Electric piano library completely rebuilt and several vintage digital EP and piano sounds added to the library including classic DX7 and MKS-20 presets 
  • New Organs: Organ library expanded to include a wider variety of B3 presets including patches for rock, gospel, and more
  • New Pads: Broad range of new pads added, all sampled from vintage synthesizers and other custom soundsources. Highlights include 'Juno Saw' presets and many from the JX-10 analog synthesizer along with two new vocal pads 'Breathy Choir Pad' and 'Pure Voices Pad'
  • New Strings: Three new sampled string sounds added, the beginning of the 'Wispy Violin' instruments with more to come
  • New Sequences: All sequences now programmed to automatically sync up with Easy Transpose settings. Several new sequences added to the library and all existing reworked
  • New Guitars: 'Guitar Harmonics' and 'Worship Guitar' instruments added to the library 
  • New Arps and Leads: Several new sounds added, derived from custom sample sources captured from vintage analog and FM synthesizers
  • Existing Library: Easy Chord voicings updated. EQ, effects, and level balancing updated. Mappings and MIDI FX updated to include Easy Transpose
  • TouchOSC: TouchOSC Templates now updated to require TouchOSC V2 for future-forward compatibility
  • Deprecrated/Legacy: 'Live Grooves' category moved to legacy status, no future additions to category planned. Misc. EP and digi piano sounds replaced by upgraded SK-20 and DX EP sounds. MainStage version only: small quantity of pads moved to legacy status, still available for use via Patch Builder


July 13, 2021 Sunday Keys Update


December 7, 2021 Sunday Keys Update

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Sunday Keys 

The ready to use template designed to be the foundation of your worship  keys rig

Sunday Keys is the all in one, 'done for you' solution for worship keys players who want to make an impact on their worship team with amazing worship sounds, intuitive visuals, and powerful workflows and features for preparation and performance. 

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