32 New Sounds

Pianos: Folk Harp, Gentle Harp, Xylophone | Bell, Xylophone | Clean, Xylophone | Muted, Xylophone | Octave, Xylophone| Metallic, DX Glass Keys | Dry, DX Glass Keys | Wet, Smooth Jazz Keys | Chorus, Smooth Jazz Keys | Wet, Toy Piano | Bell, Toy Piano | Clean, Toy Piano | Creaky, Toy Piano | Glimmer, Toy Piano | Hard, Toy Piano | Harmonic, Toy Piano | Muted, Toy Piano | Pluck, Toy Piano | Staccato, Toy Piano | Thin

Pads: Almost Warm Pad, DX Glass Pad, Glassy Sky Pad, Nightsky Flutes Pad, Shattered Harp Pad, Synth Flute Pad

Organ: Pipe Organ | Loud

Strings and Orchestra: Church Bells, Sleigh Bells 1, Sleigh Bells 2, Tubular Bells



12 Layered Patches
(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)

Bell Herder: String Ens Vibrato, SK Upright | Comp, Female Trio Voice | Aah, Tubular Bells, Sleigh Bells 1

Cathedral Blender: Pipe Organ | Loud, Shattered Harp Pad, DX Glass Keys | Wet, Trombone | Overblown Solo, Filthy Bass

Clearly Midnight: DX Glass Keys | Wet, Smooth Jazz Keys | Chorus, Glassy Sky Pad, Toy Piano | Bell

House Full of Traps: DX Glass Pad, Nightsky Flutes Pad, Church Bells, Brilliant Synth Bells, A Musing Bass | Arp

Inn With No Room: SK Felt Piano | Room, Toy Piano | Clean, Whispy Violin | Dramatic, Salem Organ, B0B Pad | Fade

Lovely Branches: Folk Harp, Smooth Jazz Keys | Chorus, Toy Piano | Clean, Shattered Harp Pad

Magnificent Maker: Church Grand | Hall, J-60 One Two Pad, Tubular Bells, Pipe Organ | Loud, Toy Piano | Bell

Mary's Lullaby: Folk Harp, Synth Flute Pad, Trombone | Overblown Solo, Whisper Bells

Nested Bells (C): Shattered Harp Pad, Smooth Jazz Keys | Wet, Church Bells, Worship Strings 

Popaphone: Bouncing Bubbles | Pluck, Xylophone | Muted, Almost Warm Pad, B0B Bass

Rain, Deer, Pause: Xylophone | Clean, Toy Piano | Staccato, Trombone | Staccato Solo, Salem Organ

Tidings of Comfort: DX Glass Keys | Wet, DX E Piano 1 | Ballad, Female Trio Voice | Ooh, Free Vox | Arp



November 1, 2022 - Sunday Keys Update


January 3, 2023 - Sunday Keys Update

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Sunday Keys 

The ready to use template designed to be the foundation of your worship  keys rig

Sunday Keys is the all in one, 'done for you' solution for worship keys players who want to make an impact on their worship team with amazing worship sounds, intuitive visuals, and powerful workflows and features for preparation and performance. 

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Discover Sunday Keys

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