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We turned on the camera and played through some of the stuff we've been adding over the last few months, it's a great chance to hear the new Pianos, Pads, Synths, Strings and more as the App continues to grow and will help you cover even more sonic space from the keys position.





Sunday Keys Sound Library

We've been regularly expanding the content available in the App and it keeps growing, making the Sunday Keys App a more and more comprehensive tool for your worship keys rig.


The Sunday Keys Sound Library contains Sounds and pre-build Layered Patches.  When new Sounds and Patches are made available, and update will be made available to download within the App.  


To determine if an update is available, open the App's menu then tap "Check for Downloads".  A modal will open and you'll see a list of Sound Libraries that you have access to.  

If an update is available for the Sound Library, a button will be shown labeled Update_sound_LIbrary_button.png

Tap the Update button to install the Sound Library update.

Once the update is applied OR if your Sound Library is already up to date, you will see a checkmark to indicate being up-to-date



Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein 27/01/2023

Still waiting to purchase when the App gets some real Hammond options. Or we can link to audio apps for them. I primarily play organ for services as Keys 2 and I can’t switch from MainStage until I can have control to fine tune my Hammond sounds and Leslie controls. But I have to say, aside from the organ, this app is pretty incredible and I’m recommending it to the 3 worship teams I play on. I can’t wait to ditch my computer for my iPad!

Colin Dean
Colin Dean 26/01/2023

That helped . I can see them now :-)

Many Thanks

KD Mackery
KD Mackery 26/01/2023

Those are new patches in Sunday Keys Sound Library 1.1.7. If you haven’t got that click to download. Once it completed,
find the Prev and Next. In between there’s the (+) sign. Click that and you go

1) Add a Patch from the Library
2) Choose Sunday Keys
3) View All Patches

Hope that’ll help.

Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes 26/01/2023

Sorry guys, update from my previous comment. I actually now have all the new patches and they are awesome! Must have just needed to wait for them to load in the background. Thank you for your amazing work!

Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes 26/01/2023

Hi, I can also confirm that after pressing ’Check for downloads" in the app, I cannot seem to find any of the new patches you are demoing. Please advise. Thanks!



Reeds Of Glory - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!


Reeds Of Glory - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!

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