Hey everyone, we've been working on a new project for the last few months and are sooo excited about it!

Initially we were planning to release a single new library but as we really got into the sound design process we quickly realized that there was a LOT of ground we wanted to cover, too much for just one release.

So today we are excited to tell you that Worship Pads for MainStage Volumes 1 through 3 are now available for purchase!

Each of these libraries is designed to cover a large amount of ground and they all include new takes on staple worship sounds with creative programming and sound-shaping as the center point of each preset.

Rather than highly specialize each library (a "warm pads" library, an "airy pads" library, etc.) We opted to make each library wide in it's inclusion of different pad types, each with their own character, that stand on their own and blend well across the different volumes.
In these libraries we adopted new sound design techniques that yielded very musical and expressive results, with a deeper level of nuance than we believe we've ever achieved in MainStage before.

Take a listen to the demo videos below for a sample of some of the sounds included in the Worship Pads for MainStage Sound Libraries.

These sound libraries are a huge value for worship keys players, so we bundled them together at a discounted price! You can check out our Worship Pads for MainStage Vol 1-3 Bundle by clicking this link.

We hope that you'll check out these new libraries! We would love to hear your feedback on them.
On behalf of the whole SS team, thanks in advance for supporting these new libraries!


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