Worship teams are weird, right?


Not weird bad just... weird, weird.


Like quirky and with lots of idiosyncrasies.


In today's new video I decided to turn my gaze inward and reflect on all the unique, silly, and just plain weird worship keys player stereotypes that I've either personified myself or seen in others.


We're talking:

  • Person who spends most of the service trying to drag the sustain pedal back towards them w/ their foot.

  • Person who refuses to play anything other than 16th note arpeggios for the entire service.

  • Person who really, really wants to raise their hands but can only do so for half a measure in between chord changes.

You get the idea, right?


Anyways, it's fun to poke fun at ourselves.


Watch the video and let us know if you see yourself in it, or if we missed a stereotype that should've been included!





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Amy Smith
Amy Smith 26/10/2021

Hahaha! This was great; thanks for sharing! As the worship leader and main keys player who does not like in-ears either, I can totally relate to telling the band to play along with the arp. Thanks for the laughs! (Proverbs 17:22)

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