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We are really excited to be a part of the 2020 Worship Innovators Conference in Chicago in June! You'll get to learn from top innovators in the worship space and hear talks about:

  • How to Get Beyond Survival and Lead a Team That Thrives

  • How To Play Modern Worship Keys

  • Ableton Live for Beginners 101

  • Automating Lyrics and Lights in Worship

  • How to Construct A Social Media Strategy From Scratch

  • How to lead an effective and stress-free rehearsal

  • How To Pastor Your Worship Team

  • Building a Healthy Team Culture

  • Planning For Technology Failure

... and much more!


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MIRRORS MainStage Worship Pads: Vol 2 Available now!


MIRRORS MainStage Worship Pads: Vol 2 Available now!

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