Worship Beats Vol 3 for MainStage 3 gives you over 25 fully customizable drum beats perfect for all styles of modern worship music within our intuitive Sunday Keys MainStage Tempalte.

Worship Beats Vol 3, the third entry in the Worship Beats series, incorporates grooves inspired by modern worship songs, popular rhythms, percussive loops, and more!

“Worship Beats Vol 3 is designed for times when you don’t have a drummer and it also works wonderfully as a supplement to live drums. Nearly every modern worship song features drum loops in addition to live drums- Worship Beats is perfect for that role!” - David Pfaltzgraff

These beats are designed to give you full control over how they sit in the mix. Bring different pieces in or out on the fly, dial in the character of the beat in advance, and set ANY tempo at the patch level or even in the moment via tap tempo.

Each patch in Worship Beats Vol 3 is pre-mapped to Section 4 of Sunday Keys for MainStage, which means you can play along with up to four section sounds from Sunday Keys, our song specific patches, or any other MainStage patch within SK.

Use the sounds in Worship Beats Vol 3 to supplement your live band, for stripped down acoustic sets, and as a songwriting/rehearsal tool.


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Moses 08/07/2023


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