You may have heard of them.




I really love Coldplay. And apparently so do many modern worship music producers.


And maybe you're already familiar with their work too.


I love to geek out about their keys parts like:


  • the giant, wall of sound synth layers in "Paradise"
  • All the incredible, iconic organ tones across the album X&Y
  • Their pivot to rootsy, and organic, with tons of layered strings and hammer dulcimer on the Viva La Vida Album
  • Intimate, fragile Pianos that sound like they are both right in front of you, and somehow in outer space


In this video you'll learn from a breakdown of some of these parts, how they influence modern worship music and how you can apply some of this pop-savvy goodness to your own keys parts and Sounds.



NOW STOP RIGHT THERE- before any of y'all begin to write back to me saying worship teams shouldn't try to sound like other bands, just like themselves, let's set the record straight: we totally agree that worship teams should seek out and develop their own, unique sound.


Just as all artists are inspired by God, nature, and the world with all existing art around them, worship teams can do the same. That's what this video is about, not just imitating those four crazy cool pop stars.




JanMi 12/04/2023

Thanks for this tips.

Carol Danna
Carol Danna 12/04/2023

Constant gratitude for what Sunday Sounds brings to worship!



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