Ever wonder why every single worship music video features the same red keyboard?


You know the one I'm talking about.


Why are churches and worship bands so obsessed?


Is it just because it's red? Or is the keyboard just that good?


Love them or hate them, Nord keyboards have made a huge impact on modern worship music.


"Where the Nord is, the Lord is", right?


but jokes aside,


Why do so many churches use Nords?

We wanted to figure out why. So we put together a new video covering all things Nord,


  • Pros and cons of a Nord
  • Options for saving money on the used market
  • What makes the sound library great
  • The keybed (and why it's under-appreciated)
  • Alternatives that could save you thousands of budget dollars


And lots more!




Wes Hazelrigg
Wes Hazelrigg 18/10/2023

Very informative video. As a worship keys player since the 1980’s I have had/used pretty much every manufacturers flagship product at some point. In the last 5 years though, I have migrated towards software instruments paired with a top-end midi controller. Besides great sound, I’m able to get access to most of the best sounds from all manufacturer’s for a fraction of the price of a Nord Stage 4 or any other manufacturer’s flagship product. Sunday Sounds new app is a great addition to my Ableton-based rig and I find that I can cover an entire service with just my iPad and a Roland A-800 very well in a pinch. I can leave the heavy gear for another time/event! Anyway, I appreciate all you do for worship keyboardists. Best regards!

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