Christmas will be here before we know it! Chances are you already have a few Christmas songs to learn for this weekend! We put together some tips that are sure to get your keys patches sounding a bit more "Christmas-y."



1. Out with the New, in with the… Old?


The Christmas season is the perfect time to dive into more traditional sounding instruments. We're talking bells, horns, choir sounds, strings - instruments you might not typically reach for when preparing your patches.


Try replacing a typical pad layer with a strings patch like the Whispy Violin found in Sunday Keys. Or, swap out the synth lead for a brass sound like the Super JX Yes Brassy patch in Sunday Keys.


Making these slight adjustments to your layered patches will go a long way and have your patches sounding Christmas'y in no time!




2. Sharing the Stage


You might find yourself in a band with two keys players, and trying to sort out who will play which sounds and parts.


Oftentimes, it's easiest if one keys player sticks to piano/pads with a second "aux keys" player adding in more ambient sounds as well as organ, ep, synth, bells and usually in a higher range while letting the piano player stay in the mid-range of the keyboard to fill out the space.

Here's a video with David walking through how he likes to make choices in the aux keys player role.




3. Expand your Patch Library


This is a shameless plug, but we've got a ton of resources to help you find and layer the perfect Christmas sounds and instruments.


Christmas Patches: Vol 1 & 2 include Christmas bells, emotive strings, choirs, organs, horns, harps and more! You'll be able to quickly add that sparkle to your own Christmas worship patches!



Free up your prep time by using our Song Specific Patches made in the style of popular Christmas songs, including a free Song Specific Patch of Miraculum by Lincoln Brewster.


Need some more tips? We put together a full playlist of Christmas themed keys videos :


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