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We Made a New Sound Library with $40 at Goodwill!

A couple months ago we set out to some local thrift stores with a bit of money, a portable field recorder, and a goal to create an entirely new sound library by recording sounds from the items we found.


We shot a video of the whole thing (including us almost getting kicked out of a dollar store... oops).


In this video you'll see our process of picking sounds to sample, a quick look at the recording process and then the final result- a brand new sound library coming during Black Friday called Dust + Glass.


This new library will be an exclusive bonus for anyone who spends $60 or more in a single transaction during our upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. All who qualify will be sent a link to claim their download in both MainStage and Ableton Live formats after Black Friday/Cyber Monday ends.

Check out the video to see this library come to life from thrift store shelves to the keyboard and then keep an eye out next week for the start of Black Friday!

Paulo Lira
Paulo Lira 17/11/2021

This is amazing!!!! Great job Sunday Keys!!!

Paulo Lira
Paulo Lira 17/11/2021

This is amazing!!!! Great job Sunday Keys!!!



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