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The first time I heard "You Are the Lord" by Passion I instantly thought: I know this! It sounds like an old Michael W. Smith song!

Those 80s and 90s influences are starting to pop up all over worship music again, in a fresh new way.

We put together a new video diving into the origins of these classic sounds and how they were used in several classic worship songs (Shout to the Lord anyone?) and explaining how you can use these sounds in modern worship songs today to add something totally unique.

After watching this video you'll know how to:

Identify these vintage piano sounds, locate these exact presets in Sunday Keys, and seamlessly blend these great sounds into modern worship songs that your church is already playing.


*Note* this may be our nerdiest video ever, so sit back and prepare for nostalgia, some insanely cool haircuts, and an unexpectedly touching phone call w/ my dad.


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Tom 31/03/2022

Excellent. I played both of those classic hardware units in church plus Ensoniq ESQ-1, Ensoniq Mirage, Jupiter 6, ARP OMNI string machine, Rhodes E. Piano. Fun times! Great history lesson and appreciation from a true student of the genre!

Monty Schriver
Monty Schriver 26/03/2022

Thanks for the video and keyboard settings! Definitely brought back good memories for me also. Will be trying these out soon.



Worship Musician Magazine: March 2022


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