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Isaac is an amazing keys player who serves at a local church here in the Des Moines, IA area.


As a keys player he's able to deftly blend CCM, gospel, pop, and all manner of other genres together in super inspiring ways.


Isaac stopped by while we were shooting some promo videos for Sunday Keys, jumped on the keyboard and blew our minds, (and also made us realize we need to practice more). Anyways, his playing is sick and in this video you might get some inspiration for how you can push your keys playing into new frontier.


Subscribe to Isaac's YouTube channel for awesome worship keys videos! 

Follow on Instagram: @izzyyrodd


Alessandro 22/12/2021

I would love to know where these sounds can be purchased … I mean the ones showed on the video 👊💪😉. Please just let me know the best way to search it and move forward. Looking forward your reply.

Glenn Kahn
Glenn Kahn 22/12/2021

What keyboard is he using for this video?



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