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Feb 1, 2022 Sunday Keys Update
16 New Sounds


Pads: Female Solo Voice | Ahh, Female Solo Voice | Ooh, Female Solo Voice | Ooo, Female Solo Voice | Blend, Female Trio Voice | Ahh, Female Trio Voice | Ooh, Female Trio Voice | Ooo, Female Trio Voice | Blend, CF Choir Pad | Hope, CF Choir Pad | Peace, CF Choir Pad | Joy, CF Choir Pad | Blend, Cloud of Angels Pad, Satellite Vocal Pad, Flute Organ Pad


Lead: Flute Organ Lead


7 Layered Patches

(Patches are pre-made in MS3, combine the noted sounds in Live to recreate.)


Believe Me EP (C): Female Trio Voice Aah, DX E Piano 1 Ballad, Flute Organ Pad, Brighten Down Sequence


Beyond the Skies Leads: Angular Motion Pad, Flute Organ Lead, Condition Bass, Deepish Mood Arp


Dispel the Darkness: Female Trio Voice Ooh, Research Mono Lead, B3 Organ Ambient, Satellite Vocal Pad, Tiney Roads


Fellowship of the Strings: Sunday Strings Viola Swell Slow, Female Solo Voice Ooo, Whispy Violin Evo, Female Trio Voice Blend


Front of the Choir: CF Choir Pad Peace, Cloud of Angels Pad, CF Choir Pad Joy, CF Choir Pad Hope


Hushed Stillness Felt Piano: Cloud of Angels Pad, CF Choir Pad Blend, SK Felt Piano Room, Female Solo Voice Ooh


Seventh Time Around: Flute Organ Lead, Acid Rain Bass, Simple Worship Arp, SK Grand Crushed, Jericho Poly


Sunday Keys Monthly Updates

We believe Sunday Keys is the best solution for modern worship keys players and we're focused on continuing to make it an even more valuable resource.

To that end we focus most of our energy on making Sunday Keys better by releasing an update to Sunday Keys' core sound library every single month rather than constantly trying to produce and sell expansion packs at an additional cost to you.

This allows us to constantly push Sunday Keys to new levels of quality and delivers you a steady stream of inspiring new sounds and features to add to your keys rig.

You'll be able to view and download all available updates as they are released via your User Account here on our website. Each update will include new sounds, patches, and occasionally more.

You'll continue to receive these updates for as long as your Sunday Keys license remains active.




      Joel Gravely
      Joel Gravely 07/02/2022

      I bought the sunday keys template and all of the piano sounds and patches are muffled and don’t cut through the mix at all. Is there any way to brighten them and add more attack?

      1 comment


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