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Pads are everywhere!


Shimmer pads, Warm pads, Bright pads, Dark pads, Blah, blah, blah...


Name any modern worship song, and you're guaranteed to find a few pads in the mix. But where did this obsession with pads come from?


Are they over-used?



The video below video covers the basics of what pads are, and their purpose in worship music, yes. But it also subverts those norms and gives you tips on how you can replace them and avoid the cliche.


With these concepts you can

  • add depth and character to worship songs
  • breathe new life, and freshen up any song your team plays a lot
  • and you'll find new inspiration in your playing - exploring new sounds while you continue to fill that "pad space"



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Josue 14/12/2023

I have an iPad Pro but the app is playing sounds
long overdue

Glenn Kahn
Glenn Kahn 13/12/2023

I thought pads pre-date CCM worship. I believe they were called “slow synth” patches in our older Roland and Korg analog synth keyboards and were used in secular and Christian music from the 70s, 80s, 90s.

Bill 13/12/2023

“Manipulative” seems very misguided, very inappropriately judgemental. Every tool in your musical toolbox serves a specific purpose. I am grateful for all of the tools in the musical toolbox!



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