If you've ever had to play a Maverick City song before, you know -




On top of all the Piano playing you have to do, there are almost always great organ lines and other textures at play.


You can't just use the same old 'piano and pad' patch to really nail Maverick City tunes.


If you do, you'll probably hit problems like:

  • a Piano that's too harsh and fights with the vocals
  • difficulty playing the fast lead lines as your Sounds hang too long in the room
  • a muddy mix caused by, dare I say it... too much reverb (yes, it's possible)


So we shot a new video to help you dial in one patch to nail the overall vibe of a Maverick City song.



This one Patch is perfect for songs like; Jireh, Promises, and really any other Song you want to feel like a Maverick City Cover.


Plus, if you have an Active Sunday Keys License, you can download the exact same Patches I use in this video and play it in the App.

Click here for the Maverick City Music Shared Setlist



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Pressurized Pad - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!


Pressurized Pad - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!

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