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What makes the keys parts on songs like Raise a Hallelujah, King of My Heart, and Lion and the Lamb sound like a Bethel song?


And how can you use the resources available to you, to capture the same feel and energy?


In this video you'll learn how to play worship piano like Bethel Music, the sound design tricks used to create a cloudy, ambient pad, and some of the key instruments that make songs "sound like Bethel."



Plus, if you have an Active Sunday Keys License, you can download and add all the Patches I use in this video and play them in the App. Click here for the Bethel Music Shared Setlist


Deb 08/03/2023

This is AWESOME! I love that you added the links to the setlist as well – this helps TREMENDOUSLY! I would love to see an Elevation Worship setlist but also it would be super cool. Thank you for making our jobs easier with the tools you provide!

Karon 02/03/2023

Ditto from me re the request to download this for SK in maintage. Thanks! Love your SK videos.

jose Munoz
jose Munoz 01/03/2023

I have the same question as mArk. I also have the Sk license for MainStage, can we download/import these patches into MainStage?

Mark 01/03/2023

Thanks for the breakdown. Is this offer limited to only those using the SK App? I have a SK license but use MainStage and would love to be able to download/import these patches.

John 01/03/2023

I love your preset



All The Time Bass - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!


All The Time Bass - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!

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