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If you're anything like me, wrapping your head around how to approach key changes and ensure they're musical can be intimidating...

So we asked our friend Isaac Rodriguez to break down simple ways you can modulate keys without needing to master years of gospel music theory or history.

You'll learn simple key change tips that are easy to remember, how to decide when these techniques will take your songs to the next level, and inspiration for a fresh spin on any worship song your band has played 'one too many times.'





Rich Kranz - FBC San Carlos CA
Rich Kranz - FBC San Carlos CA 06/10/2022

Much smoother than a direct modulation. Using a pivot chord to a “near” key which shares many of the same chords is great…. C to D is two steps in the Cof5ths (CGDAEB). So a V I prefect cadence really drives the tonic center home .
Going from C to G is easy with 4 common tones (C Em G Am) but…

Often back-to-back songs in the Sunday set list are in distant keys. (CGDAEB or F Bb Eb Ab Db ) for ex.. C to E or C to Ab.
Few or no common chords to set up a V I. just curious how you guys would approach that IRL.

Great demonstration…. Thanks

Anthony Onyango Yakobo
Anthony Onyango Yakobo 03/08/2022

Greetings from Kampala Uganda. Thank you for sharing this… this is something our church instrumentalists are still struggling with … I hope to share this video with the our team members. Thank you.!!



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