Learning how to use Sounds and textures that add emotion to what you play can transform the experience for your team and your congregation.


And practicing this skill will train your ear to notice what is happening in the room, so you can support and enhance the moment.




Hannah 29/07/2023

I really find the Sunday app ideal for how I play and all the features that I need to have a less hectic way of switching to more appropriate sounds. But I just have a question if this will be adaptable for Korg Pa700? If so will the original sounds on the Korg be overridden or muted, what I mean will I be solely using the sounds on the Sunday app rather than the sounds on the Korg? It may sound like a obvious question but I just wanna be sure. But I think that I will work towards obtaining a iPad and then getting the app and exploring on my keyboard. Thx.

Blaine Ducote Jr.
Blaine Ducote Jr. 19/07/2023

Thanks so much! Question: I built this patch along with the video note for note / sound for sound but it feels like my patch is missing all it’s beautiful low end and body that your patch has. I turned off any pre-existing EQ’s from our soundboard – have you done anything to the FXs you added in (messed with attack or EQs within FXs?). Wondering what I might be doing wrong. I am up to date on the Sunday keys App as well. Thanks!

John Wilborn
John Wilborn 19/07/2023

This training is so helpful. Thank you!



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