Playing piano in a worship team is hard. Leaders and volunteers, you know this firsthand.


You're often asked to interpret a chart while covering riffs and melodies by ear, juggle traditional piano sounds with a variety of synths and leads, invent intros for songs that don't have any, and cover every spontaneous transition, avoiding even a hint of dead air.


Sound familiar? It can be a big challenge, and one that can unfortunately keep a talented musician from sticking around on the team.


Many gifted piano players, who have a desire to share their years of experience playing piano struggle to adapt to a contemporary style. And many worship leaders recognize the potential of their classically trained pianists, but struggle to guide them through the transition to modern worship without oversimplifying things.


The truth is, you don't have to throw out all that training and hard-earned skill to play inspiring, modern worship songs.


In fact, your existing knowledge and skills are your biggest assets.


You just need to know how to leverage them effectively.



Worship leaders, this video is a must watch if you think you're not fully utilizing your volunteers. When they feel empowered, the whole team levels up!




Andrew 25/05/2023

Thank you for this – most helpful.
I have the app for iPad so I am not able to download any song patches. Are you able to tell me what sounds are you using for “This is amazing grace.”

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