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One of the best ways to achieve a huge, lush and atmospheric keys sound is by adding reverb. Not only can it give your dry Pianos a rich, spacious tone, but reverb can totally transform other great Sounds like Pads and Strings.


There are so many fun ways to use reverb, like adding Shimmer reverb to create a bright, heavenly layer on top of your sounds, or a subtle, dark and cloudy tone that can help sustain your Sounds and smoothly blend chord changes.


So how do you get great reverb?


One trend that we keep seeing pop up is keys players who run their rigs through various guitar pedals, then to the sound system. I want to show you what might be the best pedal ever made for a keys rig, tt's what I would pick if I could only use one pedal for all my reverb effects.



Important note: even if you have zero interest in running your keys rig through a physical guitar pedal, this video will help you train your ear to recognize some of the common reverb effects that the artists you listen to are using on their recordings. Once you build up that ear, you'll be able to more easily match these concepts to the Sounds available in Sunday Keys or your existing hardware keyboard.






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