Hey MainStage users, I wanted to let you know that the new Sunday Keys 1.4 MainStage Template is here!

If you've previously purchased Sunday Keys this is a FREE upgrade for you. Check your email for instructions 🙂

Here's a quick overview of the new features and functionality in this update:

🎹 10 new layered worship patches + tons of new individual sounds to use with Patch Builder

💻 Super simple installation process and comprehensive video tutorial/resource page

🎛 New and improved features like Patch Builder, an upgraded workspace, and the ability to automate the Tonic Pad Generator when you change patches

🗒 New NOTES functionality for every patch in Sunday Keys. Just click on the patch name to see helpful notes on the preset, layers and effects combinations to try, and more!

tons of other improvements, optimizations, and tweaks.

Here's a more in-depth look at what's new:


New individual section presets including new Pads, Synths, Arps, Bass, and Guitar. 30 total individual section presets are now included in Sunday Keys.

Big updates and improvements to existing individual presets including improved piano and electric piano presets, enhanced and improved modifier controls throughout all individual section presets, and more fully realized presets such as the hugely updated “SK Live Strings” preset (formerly “Worship Strings”) and two different organ presets (SK Pad Organ and SK B3 Organ) to replace the single “Worship Organ” presets from previous versions.

New and improved layered patches making use of improved individual section sounds + all new layered patches using new individual section presets. Many layered patches now include synth bass options and layers and splits for intuitive live performance. 30 total layered worship patches are now included Sunday Keys.

Sunday Keys now includes a total of 20 extra section presets including all new synth texture layers, bass layers, and updated pad and arp layers.

Every sound in Sunday Keys now includes a useful texture/sound altering functionality mapped to the pitch bend wheel. You can add a momentary resonant sweep or pulsing effect to a synth patch, add a warped vinyl effect to acoustic pianos, and more. Check out the modifier notes in each preset's section text for a description of that preset's pitch bend programming.


New “Tonic Automator” functionality - Tonic Automator finally makes it possible to automatically change any parameter within the Tonic Pad Generate when you change to a patch.

New “NOTES”functionality - Every patch in Sunday Keys now includes detailed notes about the preset. While in edit mode click the section text to view a brief description of the sound, it’s mod and pitch mappings, suggestions on modifier combinations to use, and suggestions for what other sounds the preset may layer well with.

New, ultra-simple installation process - We’ve cut out all the guess-work related to installing MainStage templates. Simply double click the Installer and follow the drag and drop steps.

New and improved template workspace - We’ve redesigned the layout of the Sunday Keys template to be even more intuitive and less intimidating. This redesign leaves a ton of space in the template to add a second keyboard or rearrange any template items that you’d like.

New iPad TouchOSC template - Sunday Keys now includes a single tab TouchOSC template designed for iPads and tablets with larger screens. The 4 tab TouchOSC template for iPhone and Android has also been updated to reflect the new workspace in SK 1.4.

New “Sunday Keys Video Resource Page” - This easy to navigate page replaces the older, video training course model, allowing you to quickly find the tutorials you need without a login. Simply follow the installation instructions and you'll be redirected to this page once the installation is complete.

sk1.4 macbook.png


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