I recently had the chance to sit in with the Friday night band at New Life Church in Colorado Springs!


You'll be able to watch and listen as I play worship keys in real-time, no overdubs or do-overs. This will be the second time I've been able to play with New Life, they are doing some amazing work and made it easy for a guest like myself to jump in on keys for a service.  

Here's a few things I highlight during the video: Sounds, Patches, Instruments and Effects I use throughout the set, programming choices that free me up to play more, and still cover tons of space on keys, how the band stays on the same page when things go off script - hint, we had an awesome Music Director walking us through chords and progressions, and lots more! 



Tony Chung
Tony Chung 20/03/2024

Love the insight to how a pro team runs a service. The MD speaking in your ear is so cool. Is it my imagination, but I didn’t hear a click track?

It’s really cool to hear how others mix. In my in-ears I like to hear more of the rest of the team and mix myself lower. It blows me away to hear a great team in my ears, and lets me worship at the same time.

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