When I bought MainStage I started off where you probably did with the built in concerts included with the software. Most of those concerts come pre-loaded with a bunch of FX buses for reverb, delay, etc. The folks who designed those concerts used "Space Designer" reverb for pretty much every bus. So when I started creating my own concerts and patches I used Space Designer too.

I wish I would've known what I was missing.

I want to give you a brief overview of the 4 reverb plugins that MainStage comes with. They're all completely different and useful for different applications.

1. Space Designer
Like I said above, the folks who created the MainStage presets love Space Designer. It is an IR (Impulse Response) reverb that models the response of different rooms and halls using an audio source. It comes with a ton of different IR presets from small, dry studios to huge, washy cathedrals. Space Designer will also eat your CPU for dinner. In my experience even two instances of Space Designer open in my concert starts to overtax my CPU when I'm playing. For this reason, I look to the other three reverb plugins whenever possible. If CPU REALLY isn't a problem, then enjoy! This plugin does contain some great sounds.

2. Platinum Verb
This reverb follows the basics for a reverb plugin, with some extra control over the tone and quality of the FX. It also contains some useful presets to scroll through. I use this reverb most often for shorter, character enhancing reverbs.

3. EnVerb
This is a fun one. It offers a linear, visual reference for the trails and it definitely doesn't focus on traditional reverb sounds. These sounds are glitchy, quirky, and are a great way to mix things up. Play around with the release and initial delay settings to achieve some really cool swelling and reverse FX.

4. SilverVerb
Bread and butter!! If you need spacious, shimmery, rich tails with lots of mojo, then SilverVerb is the way to go! I use SilverVerb for pads and whenever I need more ambient reverbs. The density and decay settings over 70 or 80% deliver a huge sound that is just beautiful. Shorter settings on the decay actually ends up delivering a more rhythmic echo FX which can also yield cool results. Don't forget to experiment with the modulation settings too!


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