I sat down with my good friend Seth from New Life Worship to talk through a song called 'Awaken the Anthem' off their new album and there are some incredible takeaways you can apply to your own ministry.

In this new video you'll learn how your band can begin to incorporate influences from Gospel music with openness and useful context, a couple simple ideas for keys riffs and fills that sound authentic, natural, and don't require insane amounts of skill, and the right mindset to have when your team steps out of the comfort zone with you behind the keys. 


Now this topic is wayyyyyy too big to fully cover in a single video, what you're going to get is just two guys who love gospel music having an honest and hopefully intentional conversation about how churches and worship teams who desire to do so can become students again, learning and growing in appreciation for how inspiring and rich the gospel music tradition is.

I was really thankful to be able to have this conversation with Seth. Check out the new album from New Life Worship if you haven't already, it's incredible!


"Awaken the Anthem" by New Life Worship:

(The epic reprise starts around 5:30 in the video)



Tim 22/09/2022

Love you guys so so much and all that you do. there was waaaayyyyy too much talk. would have loved more riffs and cords, more practical application on how to move through these cords and riffs. Less talk, more riffs! Your viewers are gonna check out on this one, bro. :)

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