This travel case just might be our favorite accessory for keys players running an iPad Worship Keys Rig.



You can fit everything you need for live keys in this single travel case, including storage for every cable and important piece of equipment, backups for both Audio AND Midi connections (so even if something breaks you're still g2g). 

And it's solid enough to send home with that new youth band kid so they can practice (and you're not terrified they'll lose or break everything).


Get the bag:


Henry H
Henry H 14/09/2022

Been working on my iPad rig now (Sunday Keys MainStage user for awhile, abandoned due to complexity of setup and preference for Nord’s piano sounds). Great video. A few comments:

(a) I have the exact same USB-C extension cable, and I almost went crazy because it turns out that the USB-C is directional [it is not supposed to be, by standard]. So if your audio interface isn’t working, turn the USB-C female side around by 180 degrees. Problem solved.

(b) You linked to a USB-to-Stereo adapter as a backup. Great idea. In the past, though, I have found that such an adapter is much harder to confidently secure (physically) into place during live performance. I prefer an equivalent functional product, but as a small dongle (something with a little bit of a cord) … like this one:


Couldn’t download the SK for Ipad even though the systems compatibility says its works on my ipad.
The error says I need IOS 14 or higher, but I have the latest downloadable IOS update (IOS 12.5.6) on my Ipad (Ipad Air MD786B/A), and no further update option available.
Any advice please?



Melody Loading Arp - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!


Melody Loading Arp - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!

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