A few months back I spent a couple days with my good friend Jake Gosselin from Churchfront and gave him an early look at the Sunday Keys App.

Together we filmed a comprehensive guide on how to setup an easy worship keys rig for a church on any budget and I had the chance to walk him through how it all comes together with the Sunday Keys App and an iPad.

After watching this video you'll have the knowledge to setup a reliable keys rig that's volunteer friendly, make smart gear choices that won't destroy your ministry budget, and achieve longterm professional results without overwhelming your musicians.


A huge thank you to Jake and the Churchfront team for hosting us. We shot a couple other videos while we were out there, stay tuned for those!


The Sunday Keys App is now available from the App Store and all you need to access an incredible library of Sounds in the App is a Sunday Keys license from our website.


Click here to purchase your Sunday Keys license and experience an all new way to play worship keys.

Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 13/12/2022

Hi David!! Really amazing video!! I’m just thinking about purchasing one Ipad license. Just a quick question…

Is it mandatory to use an audio interface? I have a Kontakt LX61 midi controller with USB to host cable, and I was thinking to connect directly from the Midi controller to the Ipad camera kit and take the sound using the headphones jack in the Ipad.

Is that possible? Or should I use an audio interface anyway?

Thxs in advance for your help!

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