This video is all about a hand-built, custom snare drum to get that great 'worship snare' tone everyone is always going for made by the folks over at Wendle Drum Company.

Plus, we have the cool opportunity to give away this snare!

I couldn't resist sampling the snare and turning it into all sorts of cool keys sounds.

Thanks to Luca from Wendle Drum Company for sending us this snare to check out and give away! 


Giveaway is CLOSED. 


Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Jordan 14/04/2022

Thank you all for bridging a huge gap. May Hod bless you and keep you!

Delphine Bailey
Delphine Bailey 14/04/2022

Cool Dave…..I love the sampling. Neat snare.

Joshua Dasher
Joshua Dasher 14/04/2022

Sounds like an amazing company!

Ron 14/04/2022

I sent it to a few drummers I know. Both are family members.

Patrick S
Patrick S 13/04/2022

Very cool snare drum!



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